Saturday, February 28, 2009

19 days.

19 more days, i will go for national service.
after that....i will leave the camp on 13th May(i called the operator and that guy says 13th May)....Leave early....sounds 0key =D
means that i go for national service for about 50+days plus...sounds great LOL..

Aunt: You have made a wise decision my dear.
Me : Yea Aunt...shave 2 times better than 3...i totally agree...
Aunt: =)

15th May go to KL....18th my College life start. and my shopping-till-dust life begin too wtf =D
Means....19 days in Kuching...19 days only =( I'm gonna leave.
Dont Feel like leaving of course...
I will probably miss my kch friends =(
Not that i WILL miss my friends. T.T

karen,jiashiu,rayner and etc etc etc...

I felt like typing my friends' name now lol.

U'll probably asked me...why there's no Dexter Ma...
Well he's going with me to KL so NAHHH....=P
Plus Andrew Chai is already there so no andrew chai as =D

19 days
eh. =(

(maybe this post contain alots of grammar mistake..i just click 'publish' after i've done typing LOL) didntrunthroughitforthesecondtimeafterihavedonetypinglol.

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