Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dota huh?

11.00pm sth..

dex : haiya, i wan2 go home liau..i want to dota la.
me : eh,dex. later wait me k?
dex : ok, call perry later.
boon: =__= dota again! what is so good about dota?

What is so good about dota huh?

most of my friends are addicted to Dota.
example 1
Mr.Perry Yeo

Me :Eh, what do you plan to do tonight?
Him : Dota la.
Me : =___= Fine.

Example 2
Mr.Dexter Ma

In the evening.
Dex : I dont want D0ta liau..always lose one. I go for maple story better.
Me : Lol..noob marh. :D

During the night time...i still saw h
im playing Dota at GG-Client. =__= wtf

Example 3

Mr. Yeo Ming Huan (He looks damn proud :D)

Me: Eh come.join my game, we dota.
Him : Can't la..i very tired..just came back from work.
Me: Ok nvm then.
Him: kla 1 match k?
Me: =_____________= ok.

Last example..
This guy can be counted as the best dotaer among my friends..lolx..
He is

Mr. Jimmy Wong...a.k.a King Jim (Waaaaa got Wanted Frame gok^^)lol..

Why Dota?

Many selection of heroes?

Cant be lerh...Pokemon also many pokemons barh..=__=

Pawn Peoples?
No lerh..sometimes u also tiok pawn =__=
especially pawned by this hero...

Pudge...Hook You(without noticing)>>Fire(hp decrease dramatically>>Slow You(cant run T.T)>>and u died.

My bro :SIEN LAAA!!!!!#^$%%^*(&(*&(*%^^&!!!!


I am not one of the dota freaks :D..That's why I'm so noob when Dotaing :( :(

Who cares :D


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