Wednesday, February 11, 2009


hello. =)
pheww...create a blog = lots of work =(
but thanks to Angeline i managed to create one ^^.. "Thank youuuuu" =D
hmmm....i create da blog after da CNY celebration because i don't felt like uploading too muchi CNY photos here =p
but i'll upload 1 or 2 la...lolx wtf...

okey here's 1 (with my friends =D)

here's the second one (with my cousins...gathering at one of my cousin's with the name YikChern house ^^)

The third one...( WITH MY HAIR MESS UP!! wtf)

btw, happy CHAP GOH MEI :D (even its over like urmm few days ago liau lolx..=__=)

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