Saturday, February 14, 2009


Ouch... sometimes i'm just too naive.
I did something which is not even worth of doing it..

Okey whatever i'm awake now.

Thank you for telling me how cruel this world may look like.

thank you and FUCK YOU.
I repeat

Phew i'm okey now. totally fine wtf. i went to a food court with some of my long-time-no-see friends.
and when i plan to take my got 1 random guy came up and asked me.

Random guy : urmm, ni shi Dexter Ma marh? (urmm, u're Dexter Ma?)
Me : Wo pu shi, tuo pu chi. (I'm not..sorry)
Random guy's friend :Tha bu shi la~ Haiyo ni bla bla bla (He's not la,haiya you bla bla bla)
Random guy :ohh tui pu chi (Ohh i'm sorry)
Me : *smiled =)


I look like Dexter Ma huh???

Oh i remember during my form 3 period..our class teacher(Puan Cheesom) said..

Puan Cheesom : Kang zhan(looking at dexter), kamu bla bla bla bla (i forgot what she said wtf)
Dexter : *eyes big big (0.0) saya bukan laaa....saya dexter, dia kang zhan.
Puan Cheesom : Oh ya ka? Muka sama saja..rambut pun sama style. allah..*smiled
Me : =______________________________________=""
Dexter : =______________________________________=""

And not only them, my mum said,

Mum : Eh boy(referring to me)...
Me : Yes?
Mum : U and that that Dexter looks almost the same horh..
Me : isit?
Mum: It is.
Me : =____="""

And dexter told me that his mum said he look like me wtf.

I really looks like Dexter Ma huh?
haiya i dont mind that we almost share the same appearance la...
He's also one handsome ppl barh *cough *cough *cough..

KEK COOL PRO =D =D *Cough....