Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Outing aha.

Went outing with Jonathan,Perry,and Ming Huan last night.
(Dexter is 'busy'..lolx..so he didnt went out with us haihhh)
Too tired to blog last night, came back around 12am wtf. So i reserved this post for today lolx.

Our driver lol Jonathan T
skillful driver i should say, why?

Driving while looking at the camera(i mean phone's camera)..P.R.O

We went for pool.
Jo vs mh.

The guy behind there was amazed by jo's skill.

Ming Huan- easily defeated. :P

Jo: easyyyy~

Then we went for bowling.
My turn.
I managed to hit the last bowling pin :D

But, i didn't won the game W.T.F sibeh 'not tulan' =_=
Jo's the winner. I 'siasoily' lose last night.
But nvm larh,*cough i defeated him in 4 bowling matches straight last time :D*proudnesss (okey u're offended liau i know :D)

After that, we went for a drink at The Scoop.

On the way,camwhoring.

Didnt turn off the flash. my face turned out to be damn white wtf.

Upon reaching,
I ordered my drink.
While waiting for them,

I... :D

Jo:Order your drink liau?
Me: Yea..hey, lai(come) we take pic. =D
Jo: =D

Perry and me.



Our shoes wtf. =)

We went home after that...
oh, on our way back, i managed to....

HAHA perry the vain :D :D

lol-Laugh out loud wtf.

So there's it. wenthomesleeping lolx.
This may be the last outing with Jo this year..He's going back to NZ soon. =(
and therefore I wish u luck in your uni life.


  1. thanks man! =D
    i also posted a blog about that day.
    all the best in YOUR studies, and ns stuff.

    botak FTW ! ;p

  2. lol =__= ns stuff...
    nvmla kenny sia also turns bald barh,
    i take the ns thingy as charity then...
    i'm 'an weing' myself wtf.. :(