Tuesday, March 3, 2009

17 days left.

Yesterday=sleep around 11pm ( usually after the SPM exam i wenttobed around 3-4am aha, gaming and chatting with the sleep-late-late peoples such as Daphne,Dexter,Jonathan,or even Shelby sometimes lol)

Today=wake up around 5am,i repeat its 5am lol ( usually after SPM exam i getupfrombed around 1-2pm ahaha wtf )

why 5am?
because NS trainees wake up at 5am.
I'm training myself now lolx...if cant wake up at there nia mempersiasoikan only =( hehehe....
HAHA. not funny =__=

wake up at 5am,bath.Brush my teeth.Online.and run through my msn chat log..from 2008-2009. since i'm bored and the breakfast haven prepared by my mom loll.

Things that i learned after run through the chat logs.
1.Stop being too desperate on something. No comment about this.

2.Control my temper. I mean like if i behsong someone i really can type till you cry lol T.T sorry.

3.Run through the words again before click 'send'. to prevent spelling mistakes of course lol.

4.Appear offline more often to prevent ppl such as Caroline T to spam nudge on me haha =D jk la

5.etc etc lols.

okla i stop here lolx..going for breakfast so buhbye.



  1. wooooooiiiii hahahhahahhah i didnt nudge u dat often leh!!~ ;P but if u offline i still can nudge LOL
    good luck in NS lah hah XD

  2. omgla still say dont have...haha..u spam nudge on me woi=__=till like when i gaming also will lag arh..=________________=
    lol thankyouuu =)