Monday, March 2, 2009

17.5 days left aha =(

I found this info at wikipedia about NS.

As of June 2008, there have been 16 deaths since the programme started in 2004, with 12 trainees dying in the camps and five more during breaks or within days of completing the program.

aha........16 deaths huh... =S

Luckily we haven heard of any death incident at Kem Putra Sentosa,Sematan. (I'm going there lol)

Kem Putra Sentosa huh?

During my conversation with my sis;

Me: I kena Sematan camp sis. =(

Sis: OMGGG that is my camp omggg congratz..!

Me: Congratz apa omggg =__=

Sis: ITS ONE OF THE BEST CAMP IN MALAYSIA, u heard it one of the best. Especially Cikgu Tsong,he looks like *****, and hope u kena alpha lo bro and beware of cikgu shafie, he is very siong don mess with him but actually he's very nice and got 1 girl from Bau and BLAAAAA BLAAA BLAAAAA

She told me about the camp non-stop =____=

okey since u say till the camp so nice then i believe you lorh =(

And before she off she told me this;

Sis: oh and 1 more thing bro. don always swear on your blog. It actually looks stupid honestly.

Me: Swear?

Sis: Dont use the fuck fuck and all that. It really looks stupid on you..u know that.

Me: okey.....

OKEYYY =___=

Maybe i should quit using the word 'wtf' or 'fuck'.

I mean I wont use the F word unless i felt like using it..haha....

OH btw i cut my hair =D

After coming back from the barber shop.

Dad: I thought you cut your Tou Fak(hair)? o.O

Me : Ha? cut liau lerh.

Dad: Still same lerh.

Me: At least my hair didnt covered up my eyes now okey.

Dad: Hao(okey)...Wo agree...


going to get bald soon wtf..


  1. hu is tat sis?
    izzit d 1 in my class?
    cheer up.. ns is fun..
    lol ;P

  2. yea the pauline nggggggg lols.. XD
    ns is fun huh? o.O
    hope so lorh lol..