Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Saya pass =D

I pass my driving test. =D LULUS.
haha.....meet kenny and bao zhi and ern ping today =)
They're all sitting for their driving test today too.

Arrived at the damn drivingtestplace lols, around 7am wtf =__= damn early and my test 'bermula' around 11.30pm sth.

I tiok sesi 4....aha...going up the hill>>>parking>>>on the road.

we took this pic while waiting out turn. =)
ern ping the photographer lols. =)

ernping : u ppl still have the mood to take pics huh?

=D =D

OF course la lol XD

spm result's gonna be out on this thursday..
hoping for the best of course.

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