Saturday, April 4, 2009

Back for Ching Ming

15 days in the camp,
The first 4 days....suffered. =____=
Cant sleep well

My hair's shaved wtf

Tidak biasa with the environment

Miss my family

Miss my friends

Bored there because the activities haven started yet

Arh i don't wanna mention it anymore.
So yea..i'm bald now lol. =(
haha nvmla hair can grow....urhhh everyone told me like encouraging la..haha.. =)

The second week in ns is kinda fun lol
Time pass very quickly after the first week ^^
because the activities is fully packed =__=

I dont really know what i should type now lols
after 2 weeks away from my lapie i suddenly outa idea what should i type and i type kinda slow haha

so yea, hope i could come back on good friday.
If i do i'll do updates again aha.

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