Tuesday, May 12, 2009

buh-bye kuching =(..

2 more days before i leave Kch =(
come back from ns and its like less than a week nia I need to further my studies lols..=__=
wish I could be at home a bit longer but nah.....T.T

These days as usual i spent mytime with my family and friends gua...=)

Random shot lols.

Barbecue at dex's house. lol I'm so lazy to type so I just 'spam' this post with photos nia lorh =p

=D =D =D

After the barbecue Fook Ming take me home.
LOL the way he drive so '''''SSAAFFEE' la =D

These days are all about packing stuffs lols.
bopien la this 2 days i cant out liau, spend mytime with family la =D AISEHH^^ haha..


  1. gonna mish ya! again.. T.T wuwuwu

  2. huhuwT.T..
    gt time update ur blog o..
    wan c ur guys busy doin wat..hihik=p

  3. bernadine- haha..i'm going to miss u too =)
    doris- yea..i'll try..haha..=p