Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Females.

Yea, just as mentioned on my previous post, the female version's here.

Okey....lets see who's the first one...haha...Kla you la...^^

Bernadine Jong. yala yala i know u painted your nails la..haha..=___="

Bernadine eh..haha..just mention about her name nia,really makes me recalls back a lot about the past. Okey for starters, I'm in the same class with her during form 2. She's a nice girl, always smile and sometimes laugh with no reason, or when other ppls' looking at her. =__=" weird eh..haha...Even her face shows 'I'M A HAPPY-GO-LUCKY GIRL', but it's not,okey. She aims her target high. I mean..urm..slightly high abit la XD XD haha =p
I called her 'popo'... o.O urmmm, since when i used to call u like this arh..haha..XD popo~~ =p
Among the girls, she's the one that i saw, urm, cries, i ever saw her cried like..urm..10 times plus maybe? XD
And she RARELY angry, let me repeat this, RARELY. She's always with her smiling face around. And the one who successfully made her angry or tulan,lol Your attitudes is just SUCKS till the MAX la woi....even this kind girl also can angry towards you....haih....what if u meet ppls who had bad temper than her lerh..(very very common), bopien lorh, wait tio punch nia...haha..@@ or a kick maybe lols...
We also ever quarrel before form 2 i think, she calls me 'A GIRL' lol, maybe just because of my 'shaking hairstyle+ super paiseh attitude+ talk very softly' during form 2 gua..haih...then i angry lerh...didnt talk for weeks i think...haha...How foolish am I. =_______="
ok lastly, urmmm, good luck la in form 6 la XD (i don't wana type till too kantung just like my previous post, scare you cry again..haha..)

Doris Yii.

This girl arhhh, haha..same class with me during form 4 till 5, to tell you the truth la...I don't really like you last time because u always asked me this question almost everyday...."Eh Kang Zhan arh, u really kek paiseh or what?"
zzzzzzzzzz kek paiseh huh...haha....I really don't really know how to answer you that time eh..@@ but then my presentation skills during class no problem horh? =p haha.....
lol and everytime u also likes to kacau me in class =___=""" not only me lol u kacau everyone la...haha..XD

but how come when i come to KL,
i miss the times when you used to kacau me...T.T...weird...haha..

Nowadays,our friendship become closer lorh...compared to last time...^^ right?

=D =D hehehe...

Similar to bernadine, her face shows 'I'M A HAPPY-GO-LUCKY GIRL', but its not la...Her motive to success is more...urm....higher compared to the other classmates( female only la XD)....but her motive to success lys under her shadow,urmm, how to say arh...i BM is like "Diam diam ubi berisi"...hehe..^^ See her in class always play play like that, but then her SPM result ended up to be quite fruitful. =) 'really diam diam ubi berisi' orh o.O haha...^^

Her older bro is the president of all the monitors in our school, and i act as his deputy. Urmm, since her bro is my president, I noticed that she looks very different from her big bro to say arh...attitudes gua...hehe..

Oh,She is one of the VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY few girls who witnessed crying la =_____= You know when it is right...haha...*really mempersiasoikan....@@"

With your hardworking attitude u sure can berjaya de..=) jiayou orh..^^...hehe.. i also don't wana make you cry by typing 'kantung' words....wish you all the best in form 6 too lorh..=)

Wendy Liew.

How does it feel like when you're between me and Perry? XD XD haha..

Wendy Liew. =)
What could i say about this girl, the one who study and busy with her assignments till her body become weak and,in a result of getting sick. =________=" hahaha kla kla don't angry la i know u're just too hardworking liauu...=D =D

She's Wendy Liew Li Ting...sometimes I'll call her Liting. Same class since form 2. yea..we sat together during English class..haha..remember?^^ Mdm Mary, our form 2 english teacher wants us to sit boy-girl, or girl-boy. So yea, I've been arranged by Cikgu Mary,randomly, to sit beside you..haha..Then in that few months we act paiseh paiseh like that and i don't look at you and u don't look at me even we're beside each other and I don't talk to you and you don't talk to me even Mdm Mary gave us some jobs which needs teamwork(the 2 of us) to do we also prefer solo lai solo ki, then in the low marks. =____=" super slowly but surely, we began to talk to each other..=)

And look at us now..haha..we could talk till like there's 'still' got tomoro to talk lol XD XD XD...muahaha

Hmmm...interior design huh..haha...I know its a hard subject to tackle, but then don't stressed yourself till tio sick okey...When u got sick u everything also cant do arh.=__= try get enough sleep too...I'm very sure u got eye-bags already. @__@ and drink more water later u cough cough again..-_-. Don't later cough till sick again lol..sick sick sick then after u graduate from Interior design and I graduate from Quantity surveying then u always sick also bo use la, we cant bekerjasama la even our jobs somehow got related one XD XD haha^^
Lastly, take care orh, wen. ^^

Loke Chin Chin.

Just by looking at this pic i'm thinking of Kuching kolo mee liau. T.T
haha..this is Loke chin chin. AK calls her Loke Chin =__= which she doesn't prefer to be called like called her Chin Chin..sounds better eh XD..hehe..
Same class since form 2 till form 5....getting more close with her during form form 2 and form 3 i rarely talk to her..even we're classmates. =__= Maybe with her...urm...mature attitudes and looks gua....haha..
sometimes she can be..urm...very fierce..@__@, very kind, very gentle, and lol everything also got la..haha...multi-characteristics she got there eh...unique i should say..XD

She's a pro in bio subject.. =) haha..She's in form 6 now^^. Gambateh, Chin. =)


Jayne Oh.

This is Jayne Oh. My senior....I call her Jayne, plus a jie Jayne jie lorh XD hehe..

*pass 10 minutes...

Lol....i forgot how i know her ki =_______=""
hehe...but who care's la we're quite close XD muahaha ^^
Hmmm....she's nice+ kind+ caring+ smart+ pretty+ etc etc lol....everything got la..haha.XD..except the negative ones la ofcourse...Mostly she's the one who always give me advice on doing things la...urm...sometimes things which's complicated one i dono i asked her lorh. =p gave me a lots of encouragements. A-L-O-T ^^ i really appreciate it very much...thankyou =)

haha jayne j is enjoying her hols now.^^ longg hols eh =p hehe....after jayne j back to KL we go shopping together k. =D =D hehe..^^

Kai Yen. grab from ya fb...don angry orh..haha..i kia kia XD hahaha

Long Long =D =D haha...for months i didnt call u like that eh.^^ hehe..
Her sir name is Long, so Long Long lorh...haha..=)
she's the dragon's(long) heir...claimed by eho...=p
Same class with her since form 4 till form 5.
form 4 i don't really know her la..first time saw her i think she's the haolian ones. But naaahh =p
Sat beside me during form 5..yea i sat between ming how and her.^^ And this makes our friendship tio closer we're the Deputy presidents for the Board of Monitors. =D

Things that i feel confused about her is that her attitude...hmm....for those who's in Form 5 Alpha '08 sure know de lorh..haha.=_____=" sometimes very kind and talk in a nice and gentle manner....but then sometimes she doesn't like to talk and very urm....unkind...haha..and sometimes pula act like childish childish like that..XD very..urm...yea...unique style la..haha..
Her studies is just excellent. Especially her BM la, omg haha...can compare with our 'essay king' Perry arh..just that her hand writing is hell a lot better than Perry's de la.. XD XD

Going for matrikulasi now eh =) haha..good luck orh...^^

Jacqueline Wong.

Lol mei do u know how hard it is to search for your pic? =__= haha...
I grab from Bernadine's sis, Evelyn. =) Hope ya don't mind...=p this pic the one who's wearing white shirt de is Jacqueline or just Jac.I call her mei since she calls me kor lols =D. The one with the black shirt de is Yun Ru( the female who take the title 'LEO Club President' from fook ming...haha....fook ming bersara di^^..hehe.)

Well Jac huh...haha...I met her...urm...During form 5 gua....haha...She surely has that cute and innocent plus blur blur its true la....she's like this de...haha.=__= sometimes too blur till time went shopping with her and i stand infront of her andd she still blur blur finding me.=____________________________="" haha...
And,lol..even though she's good in her studies...but she sucks in her relationship thingy..AK u know horh.....haihhhhhhhhhhhh.. T.T

She's in her fourth year, form 4 eh =) haha...jiayou orh in ya studies...^^ I know you work damn hard for your studies...=)

These gals are one of the ppls whom's very important to me indeed.
When I need you gals, you're always here for me...omgla thankyou T.T I'll sure fell down already lorh without you ppls. =) =) once again, thankyou.

There are still many peoples whom are very important to me,I apologize because i couldn't listed them all.Paiseh k..=(


  1. Haha..really paiseh la..
    cos that time i really feel curious bout ur attitude ma..
    but soon closer with u thn know lw ma..

    cry!? nothing de la..
    those with not even one drop of tear coming out when something happen baru weird..

    jia u also ar u..
    u also can make it de..
    alto QS is ur dady ask u to take de..
    but u can tackle it de..
    n dont STRESS up..

  2. hee say til like im sot liao..mana ada i laugh with no reason? look at someone then smile is normal d la.. nan dao wan my face fierce fierce and look at him meh?hee.. kz i called u ah girl coz they said ur name is ah boy ma.. juz wana kaciau u so call u ah girl lo..hee...
    im smiling while reading it..not crying..hee so happy.. XD

  3. kz...coll life really suffer.... T.T
    be strong ar u...+u +u
    ur post makes me relax abit..hee...
    coz make me recall a lot of memories ><

  4. doris-haha curious huh? =p hehe yea.i'll try jyjy in my course la...=)

  5. ber- eh got ppl call me a-boy merh? o.O i only knows that my mom call me like that nia la XD...hehe...zz really marh u look at ppls suddenly laugh like that XD haha..ppl will luan luan think de marh XD muaahaha =p

  6. wen-really huh? o.O haha..mines still okey..maybe its just an initial nia gua..haih..=__= but then fm and vin i think they more stress than us la...their maths high high level one eh =S haha..
    u also be strong la...=) u can de^^ hehe..

  7. i type all these i also feel relax XD hehe..

  8. oh yea..fook ming told me that..he said ur mum calls u ah boy..hee^^

  9. Princer...haha.yea...only my mom calls me like that..haha..=D