Tuesday, May 26, 2009

=) smile

School was fun and interesting =D =D
I mean college...okey let me retype it again,

College was fun and interesting =D =D

But it's very tiring...
On Tuesday, class lol till 9pm...=__="
On Thursday, class from 8am till 7pm....URHHH.....=____________________=""
Nothing I could do so i'll just cope with the f**king timetable.

Mr.Yeo Ming Huan is coming to UTAR soon =D =D Less than 4 days XD XD
muahahahaha shopping woi =p hehe..only if i got cuti cuti la =p....hehe^^

Wonder how are my friends in Kuching eh....=(...to those who're studying either in Swinburne or Form 6 or UCSI....take care orhhxx^^ haha...

Don't be like Wendy too tired with her work then got sick XD XD MUAHAHAHA XD XD

Tomorrow no lecture so YEAA~~ =D haha...


  1. woi~~~!! i still can read it de laa~!
    too hardworking liao ma...

  2. haha u're wendy huh? =D use this acc to write comment and didn't even leave your name lols =__=" blur blur la you XD hehe...yalorh too hardworking and thats why forgot to drink air...therefore,sick..XD hehe

  3. >< yalo..wanna go crazy liao me....
    tonight sleepless night again...........
    arrggghhhhh~~~~~~ really wanna die liiaaaooooo

  4. our chem teacher x come til 1st july ah.. more YAY then u kz.. XD

  5. wendy- lol just bertahan nia lorh..haih..i bet everyone now is the same larh...going crazy with assignments..=____=""

  6. bernadine- walaoo how come so shuang de?? o.O the teacher on vacation or sth huh...

  7. no la..her mother in law passed away..=X but gt two weeks holiday oso.. by dat time she also gonna be back liao la.. dats why suk ying said bo hua.. XD

  8. ber- ic..lol...haih...haha....zzzz apa got hua boh hua one..walao eh...that sukying...haha... =_____________________________=""" start earlier finished earlier arh...XD..muahahaha XD

  9. tata!!! ='(
    my form6 not nice ahh!!!!

  10. caroline- xian~ =D lol don't worry la, form 6's jsut getting started nia, just try to cope with the new environment lorh...man man lai =) hehe^^