Saturday, May 16, 2009

Year 2008 till now..

I experienced a lot from the year 2008 till 2009..
Sad,Happy,Weird,Tulan,Stressful etc etc incidents also got la lol.

Things that i felt unhappy or sad is that I'll have to leave my friends...after form 5 marh..bopien la... =( T.T

Hey guys =D good luck in your future orh^^ Gambateh =)

And I've experience weird weird super weird birthday party with a 'sancambak' =p

Since her birthday's on the 10th nov and i'm on the 7th of nov..haha...and thanks to Perry Yeo and Alvin Chin for eating slicesssss of pizza 'unwillingly' that day lols =p..HAHAHA

Stressful eh...haha..yea....i've been selected for national service and i needa biasa with the environment and lifestyle there...Its not an easy thingy because i've never leave my home and did everything by myself lols.. T.T

Perry them visited me =D

And now i'm living in environment T.T

Home>>>NS>>>KL.. Year 2009 eh...O.O...

I still miss Kuching life T.T wan go out then go out nia lols...

And I miss my hair T.T

Hair will grow back de la i know...haha^^..

I miss the days when I'm with my friends..
Life after form 5 eh..haha..unique sia..T.T


  1. me and ak = bayi berkembar wid two heads niam kin each other.. hee

  2. dare say ho..
    later ur mum c tiok d cute bayi berkembar..
    haha..thn u jiu wan dan lw o..