Saturday, June 27, 2009

Congrats to Mr.Ditgrex

Well since Form 4, my friends included me myself, played Maple Story.

I reallly loves this online game actually.
Most of the mobs are very urm cute. And we friends could keep in touch among each other in this game. =)

well, its about leveling and changing jobs and making mesos(money) by selling or buying
haha.....We all wished to reach the ultimate job of the game...which is 4th job. Its kinda difficult,need to spend a massive amount of time onto this particular game, which is kinda not worth it...@__@

Include me(alphaprincer),the ppls that i know whom played this game include my bro(lichsan2),Porseidon(Perry),Kazaekage(Dexter),Ditgrex(AndrewChai),Mechamp(Fookming)Kazaekage(Dexter),
Huan91(MingHuan),Antimag01(King Jim),Bib9191(Vivian Ho),and siewping91(siewping).

Well....after yearss had passed..=__=
Most of these maplers were dead..i mean quit...haha...@_@
Left Iveline,Dexter,Valerie, and Siewping
And today...Ditgrex after reached level 120(4th job), he quit too..
And me, After knowing this game is a waste of time lol i decided to quit byebye la maple..
good luck to those who's still playing. ^^ haha...


  1. hehe..good to quit games lo..
    really not very good..
    especially for those who gt addicted d.. jia u in ur studies wor..

  2. u shud did that earlier -.-'' come dota ba haha

  3. nice... now play cabal liao ar? haha...

  4. tien- haha..yea..addicted is no good. =(
    thankyouu, u too orhx =p

  5. xen- zzz dota not fair one..if tiok good hero sure win de..UNFAIR =(

  6. eho-lol nola..haha..i'm going for pet society lols XD