Sunday, June 28, 2009

"If I could travel to the past"

Last Wednesday during my English tutorial, my tutor asked us to write an English essay,
the title of da essay is,

If I Could Travel To The Past, What Would I Do?

I really don't like to write essays related to this kind of question.
Because it could make me think of things that I regret doing it last time. When I wrote about the points that day,I was like "omg sien why I would did such things during the past wtftwtf,if i didnt did that stupid sheat,my life would be nicer compared to now omgomg noo~~~"

I'm not a prefect person.Neither a good one. urh...=_=


  1. lol..
    dont say like tad ma..
    we cant change d past..
    but our future is still in our hands ma..
    jia u^^