Friday, June 12, 2009

My stock has arrived. =D

Hell yea, the black hofma guitar that i ordered last week has finally arrived. =)

Since i'm so UNLUCKY because i'm selected for NS and spent 50 days inside the camp. 50days wasted wtf.
i plan to learn this thingy after SPM but nah...after i heard i tio NS straight no mood learn la..@_@
But now's the chance. =) muahaha. =D =D lol...
Last time the former king,Wong Lee Jim, 'lend' me some of his guitaring skills, but nah..forgot all di. XD
Today's my first guitar class,
My fingers' hurt T__T
but will jiayou de =D muahaha~

no lectures nor classes tomoro so YEA~!. XD


  1. uwaa.
    so pretty...

    haiyo, guitar easy de lahh.
    for starters, start with qing tian enough (as that was the first song i learned) XD

    anyway, ganbaruyo~

    ~yee ling.

  2. yee ling- yea horh u plays guitar too horh =D qing tian huh...okey i'll try...haha..

  3. yea dude only took me 20mins to mastered qing tian. go for it.

  4. lol but i bet u took months to master the basic right..haha..@__@

  5. well my bro had never touched a guitar and he manage to mastered it in less than 24 hours. does that convince u a little?

  6. kinda not...haha...2 days had passed and i couldn't mastered it....ouch...T__________T makes me feel untalented =( =(....lols..

  7. ye? u play guitar o?

  8. yee ling & irene- yea i will de..haha..

  9. wa my fren play guitar? qing tian ar? i think it is the most easy song i ever play b4 la.....hahaha although i am not pro but at least i know how to play guitar.


  10. martin-haha...nola, cai hong first lol..i mastered it like in 2 days...=p not bad right..haha..^^

  11. hahaha!!!! good can play cai hong liaw bo!! i am now playing on bass guitar now.... new start.... but i don hav bass guitar ...damn

  12. martin- hehe...bass guitar huh...=p lol go buy yourself a bass guitar larh...haha...when i go back we play together k? =D muahaha

  13. hahahaha i play at my fren's studio la.... wan join ?

  14. martin- lol sure, only if i could master the whole guitar tricks first la before i go back to kch lol...><