Monday, June 8, 2009

Uncle is me. =)

Went to Jusco with dex today to buy some stuffs.
And ate McD too. =)

Saw some posters with baby pics on it.
Makes me recall something. nephews. =)

Yes. This is one of my cousin's oldest son. Named Dibben Liew Jie Feng.
Lol i wonder why my cousin didnt named him Liew Chuen Feng(Rokawa Kaede,in the anime, Slam Dunk) =p
A naughty kid. Run here and run there..haha..As shown in da he's running while I took his pic..XD

He got a little bro. I mean a younger brother...haha..XD

The little kid that the woman with the orange shirt(my mom) XD is 'holding' de is his younger bro.

OH.....1 thing that i like about his younger bro is his face..his cheek.^^

From this,

To this.

That's my hand on his cheek btw XD XD
hahaha when u squeezed it omgla XD XD let me feel it again please when i go back to Kch again^^ hehehe...=p


  1. let me cubit cubit kz!! hahah :D

  2. wendy- indeed cute omg =p haha..

  3. jayne- yea sure XD muahaha XD XD really feels like urm...cotton like that omg =D