Saturday, July 11, 2009

Approaching to week 8.

well yea...i've been very the busy in these few weeks.
finally week 8 is coming.

Monday = curriculum assignments. wtf la curriculum also got assignment gok..but after this semester is over i need no to involved into any curriculum anymore. its worth it actually. Jiayou orh Dexter Ma in sem 2..haha..XD

Tues = Presentation for one of my subject,Hubungan Etnik. hmmm...even like i'm already doing this thing(presentation infront of the class) every year ever since I step into Form 1 lol...hoping for the best lorh...=)

Wed = another presentation...for my English. I'm excited instead of exhausted. as if la..haha..@_@

Thurs = Computer test...well...its all about testing my knowledge for urm...Microsoft tutor says this test got contribute marks for the final exam. So I'll be more serious. Serious serious serious.

Friday = Preparing to complete the assignments for week 9.

Next week I'll be damn busy.

A message to my cousin,Caroline..."Actually college life is way busier than Form 6 okey...haha..good luck and I'll miss you ^^."

To eho pula..."Woi unfair la u can go back to kch first..=( but then hope u got a pleasant flight lorh.haha.. Take care orhx.^^"


  1. it´s just so fair! XD jia you lo... ^^ (hey, why u copy my style?? ==¨ )

  2. hahaha eh but form 6 hoh.. wear uniform leh free style leh waisheh.. n f6-sch shoe.sch rules.wake up 6am shit loh.. =(

    awww i'll miss u tooo!!! ^^
    faster come back ah.. i bring u out. VO_O

  3. owh opsss.. forgot to wish u good luck n jia-you for all the presentations and....assignments[?].. hahahaha *hugss* =)

  4. Hubungan etnik? That one very fei one.

    perpaduan... kononnya ;p
    haha, anyway, jia you yea kz!

    btw i watched ice age d :D

  5. eho- lol unfair la T___T coz its unfair so i copy lorh. bleeee..haha..

  6. caroline- lol yea freestyle XD haha..haiya college also got college rules marh...u think can luan luan lai de merh..=___=...haha, lol i also wished that i fast fast go back also arh...haha...hope on sep u didnt have your exams lorh...=p

  7. jayne j- hehe..yea...very easy la..haha..but still need to jiayou lorh...=p
    haha i'm waiting for the day we go watch happy potter XD hehe