Sunday, July 12, 2009

Feeling Cafe.

Yea...yesterday like around 11pm like that me, andrew chai,and dexter ma planned to go to Feeling Cafe(lol they even have their own website) due to the stress that we're experiencing at college wtf....

I love the environment there,
A cafe full of feelings lol..
Every costumers there were seems to be enjoying by drinking and playing poker after they had gone through their day.
And there are peoples who's hired to sing on stage. Its like costumers write songs that they would like to hear in a piece of paper and give that particular piece of paper to the hired singer LOL. Then they will sing for ya. Birthday song included..haha..

I ordered a Vanila and Strawberry Ice Blended.

Dexter ordered The Little Angel..well...the name is so special right...haha..

Andrew ordered food instead of a drink.
Well, after we had finished our drinks,
Andrew don't feel like leaving the cafe due to the hired singer didnt sang the song that andrew requested..haha..then bopien lorh..the 3 of us ordered drinks again.

This time we ordered the same drink, urm...its called Ice Blended Mint Coffee I think...

While waiting we gambled.

Nola we play for fun only la..haha..

Then like after 2am like that andrew's requested songs still haven been performed yet LOL and the hired singers says
"Thanks for coming and hope ya enjoyed your day. =D buhbya"
Andrew's pissed off..hahaha XD
And there's it.

Wenthomesleeping. zzz..

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