Sunday, July 19, 2009


Lat time when i went to Sunway Pyramid with Dexter and my cousin.

Dexter: You really like KFC horh.
Me: Haihao la. Haha...
Dexter: Kz Favorite Chicken.
Me: WTF la =__=

Haha...yea i love KFC.
There's a story behind about why I love KFC so much.

Okey its like long long time ago,
there was a kid,
named Princer Phang Kang Zhan.
His parents restricted him from eating foods like KFC,Pizza Hut,McD, and so on.
Their reason last time is like "No way, These were unhealthy foods,boy." says mummy and daddy.
And therefore, his parents only brings him to KFC once a year. I repeat once a year. Or sometimes twice a year. Or even worst.
So there's it..haha..
And I could say from year 1996 till 2007 like that I only visited KFC stall for like...urm...5 times perhaps? @__@ pity me..T__T
During the year 2008, I was in form 5 la, wao life's great. haha.
Mostly before movie time with Perry them we surely chiong for Sarawak's Plaza de KFC. =)
I miss those times really. haha...
Then year 2009 ( this year la ) I was away from my parents so you know....=p

And thats why when peoples invited me for dinner or lunch,

Peoples : Hey kang zhan lets go for dinner tonight.
Me: Yea sure. How about KFC?
Peoples: KFC again?
Me: Or you choose

I would suggest KFC first..haha...sorry ya peoples..=p =p
next time you guys suggest me what to eat lorh..haha..XD

KFC = KZ Favorite Chicken.


  1. how come my comment hilang ki?
    haha..or i fail to poat ki?

  2. hmmm..maybe u didnt post it up? o.O

  3. haha..ic..mayb gua..
    i was saying that my parent dont allow me eat tad too last time..
    cos of da same reason..
    but now me big gal lw..
    they dn bring so i ma go myself if want..

  4. haha lol...even can go ourself liau but still cant eat too much la XD i understand this but i still wana eat lols...=p

  5. hwcm my comments oso hilang ki?