Sunday, July 26, 2009

today was awesome

Saturday~ YAY!

Last night slept around 3am YAY!

Wake up around 9am WAO!

Prepare to go shopping with Bernadine. ^^

At Sunway Pyramid.

Bernadine is accompany with her friends.
One of them is Carmen. =)

Ate McD.

Then went for shopping. Saw a Baby Milo's shop.
Went inside. Me come out with a shirt lol. Sorry mummy I bought myself shirts again..haha..=D

And then went skating.
Me and Bernadine. =D

Andrew Chai and Bernadine. =)

Me,AC,and Ben ^^

Skating was awesome. I would like to go again. =D haha..^^

After that went for arcade.

Then went for dinner.

Then I purchased this from coffee bean,

Then we all split up. We all went back to our condo respectively.

Andrew fall asleep in the LRT...haha...

I love today.
Maybe next Saturday I'll have much much more fun than today....*ehem =D


  1. Selling my blue or green glove for ice skating (got sunway de sign de wor)...i got one blue n green glove.but only selling one...u choose the colour...the glove i selling just used for 1 hour+++...reason of selling it is i got one glove for ice skating before liao...then i forgot to bring to the ice skating there this end up buying i got 2 now but selling one only.the price of the glove at sunway pyramid is rm8.but i'm selling it for rm7 ONLY!!! all still in new conditions...i bought the blue glove not even half year and the green glove not even 1 day from 25/7/ glove used not even glove used not even 4 me if u contact number is......016-860xxxx.haha...or u can post here stating that u want to buy or tell me in msn also can. TQ!!!

  2. and u were saying how boring KL is? bull*censored*

  3. andrew chai- lol u think u're in maple story's free market merh...haha..=________=

  4. jo- lol when did I say that? o.O I just say KL life's stressful and rush..haha...and I only went out shopping once a while nia la, mostly stay at home lorh,its quite bored la

  5. hei..
    oni less rm1 nia...
    no 1 will buy d ho.
    no need push n promote lw ho..
    delete ur pm of selling tad too..
    ppl might as well go buy new one by adding on rm1..

  6. eho- haha...hope it will be longer before i go back to kch lol..=D
    tien- yalo...haha..dexter also have the same opinion as you are. So i advised andrew to sell his glove for urm RM2? XD XD

  7. i bring my gloves 2 college to use it everyday ah.. so warm... heee!