Sunday, August 2, 2009

1st august.

arhhh yesterday went to pc fair with andrew chai, dexter ma, and ming huan arhhh..
Bought a headphone for myself since I need it lol.

Then after that we went to coffee bean to rest at KLCC. Ming huan didnt joined us, he went elsewhere already..haha..

Cit-chatting about stuffs and laugh..XD

Then suddenly he

haha.. LOL=__=

Then the 3 of us talk a walk for a while,
then chiong sushi king for our dinner.

Then went home today 2nd of august Andrew chai gonna leave us. =(
He's moving to hostel lerh..T_T
My roommate just left dexter ma nia..haih...


  1. wao, ur hair vry long liao ho...

  2. ac go stay with who? girls ar? rich kid....

  3. to kao jodi....kekekeke....haha....jodi pls read this love propose to u la..just joking cause u chun chun stay at hostel also and they ask why......dun get too excited and high jodi when u read this comment....hehe...

  4. xen and tien-he cant catch the bus early in the morning so yea...=__=

  5. ai ling- haha...haihao gua..=p

  6. dreamers- nola just the opposite. he stay with boys...XD XD hahahaha

  7. andrew c- walao ac u don luan luan lai orh..haha..