Monday, August 31, 2009

3 days Kch trip - day 1

Yeaaaa i'm back for just 3 days.haha...
I didnt told much ppl that i'm back lol
keep a low profile marh AISEH~~~~ =D
nola haha..because i'm just back for 3 days you know lorh =p

The first day i came back is like urm...9am reached kch...then pay a visit to my uncle's house.
Then night time went to The Scoop with Perry,Fook Ming, and Vin. Chat for like for an hour then we changed our destination to lol i dono where la..haha...go for a drink again XD.

Me and Vin. =D

Me and Perry. ^^

Vin,perry,me,and fook ming. =p

 this is the first day. =p

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