Monday, August 31, 2009

3 days Kch trip - day 2 2. =)
Wake up in the morning...brush teeth arh eat breakfast arh...kolo mee..T__T finally la..haha..XD
Then around 2pm Perry come fetch me to go for a drink again..
Wendy,Fook Ming,Vin,and Cheng Yang joined in too..^^

Yeappp 175 cafe.. XD
Fish spa...haha..XD

Then we went to Iglool.


Cheng Cheng.

This 2 always took pics one la..haha..for their blog marh XD hehe..

Fook Ming (poser) XD

Vin ( tio stunned =p )

Perry ( The-Can-Eat-One XD )

Then went for bowling...This time Daphne joined us. =)

Then went for dinner at Hijau.

Me: urm...give me 1 three-layer tehsi peng.
Waiter: Ok.
Daphne: same
Vin: same
Fook Ming: same
Wendy: same
Waiter: ok =__=
Me: haha...^^

Then eating + chating + laughing XD

Vin: Later go where arh?
Me: A drink?
Vin: =___= Drink till cannot liau lol..since last night we go for a drink...
Me: haha..XD

Then we went to urm...100 yen shop..where Wendy works last time.

I bought a a pack of yogurt-ingredient..haha..XD
Daphne gaves me this

these are rubbers..its so unique right?^^ thankyouu daphne. =)

Then went to Friendship Park. =)
Sit there talk again lorh..haha..XD

So,there's it..went home sleeping..haha..