Monday, August 31, 2009

3 days Kch trip - last day flight to KL is around 5.45pm.
Stay at home lo today..=p
Packing packing packing lol...

I could not went out with all my friends in kch coz i'm only had 3 days in kch nia. =_=
I bet my best cousin's pissed off. XD paisehh ya^^ time then chiong ok? =D 2 more weeks YAAY!~^^

Didnt saw tien tien and chin chin too..=( disappointed....ching and martin also lols >< weitingg and there's too mannyyyy that i didnt have the chance to meet them T_T
Vivian Ho out la.haha. JUSTTT JOKINGGG^^

So yea...i'm now in KL
Take care orh ppls.^^ See ya in just a few more weeks. =D *exxciteed


  1. Walauaaaaa.... So fast update ur blog. Rajin betul... XD. I can see u guys so enjoy. Bt holidays pass very fast. Sign. But after 3 weeks then Hari Raya ordy. Haha.

  2. shining- when we outing ofcourse enjoying ourself de la..the 3 days passed very fast indeed yea..hope can meet you in 3 more weeks lorh..^^

    hmph.. dun care. raya u must bring me out. u promise me dat u going to drive me when u get ur license hohhh.. im still waiting~~~

  4. shuen- arrrr tio bishhhh =(
    haha...yeaa i try laaaa if you shan guu allow me to drive =_= +i kinda dono the kch road liau gosh =S