Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Life without Andrew Chai Day 1

LOL as you know my ex-roommate andrew chai is moving to hostel liauuu.
Well without you me and dexter really feel weird lorh....
okla i give you examples la. =p

1. After u leave our P1 connection really fast till cannot la..haha..XD
"lagger andrew chai" said dexter ma. XD hahaha

2.Wao we need no to refill the water oftenly.
"Water tanker Andrew Chai" XD said Princer Phang. hahaha

3.No drops of hairsssssssssss..=D
"Hair dropper Andrew Chai" says Us. XD hahaha

Arhhh our room become largerr.
urm...lol nth to say about this..=p hehe..

So the conclusion is that life without andrew chai is great. ^^
hehe don't feel keked orh..=p
Good luck in your hostel life...haha...
YAY! ^^


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  2. of coz life without me wil be great...since the speed is divided between 2 of u only...oh...don't forget this....did u realise that u pay rm49.50 for the p1???haha.....of coz the speed will be damn fast...lol...about the room...of coz it will also be larger la....imagine u pay rm250 each person for that room...that's mean about rm80++ more exp...if it's still small...can long piak and move out edi...as for the hair...i have no comment about it as time will prove everything...haha.... PS: 一分钱,一分货。。。i'm sure u (kz) dunnoe how to read de...so ask dex how to read it....haha....WAKAKAKA!!!!

  3. andrew c- haha yea lol even we have to pay more but it it worth it la XD lol plus we go eat sushi king already 30 bucks+ lol...and u bought your cooler pad cost you RM100 eh.=__=....walao time already prove everything liau la, kiu jiu kiu la..haha..=D

  4. haha... funny post... very offensive lor...
    u guys havin so many fun thr le... not fair..