Friday, September 11, 2009

Not Dead. =D =D

Heeey kinda lazy too blog these days...=(
plus now is exam time so really quite don't have time lorh. T_T
awww finals was okey...3 down 2 to go. =)

Yesterday was 'Dexter's ahma' de birthday.^^
Iveline Tan.
There she is. The one who's looking at the cake instead of me cutting the cake. @_@

The one who went to the same tuition centre as me.
And also, the one who went to the same National Service camp with me. wao there's 81 camp in total. so Chun horh the same..=__= hehe.
Nevertheless, My few female friends who witnessed me bald. =(
lol whatever la haha happy birthday woi. =D

And today is Irene Ting's birthday too. =)
owh ex-schoolmate. And we went to the same ns camp too. =p

Awww kinda lazy to continue to type. =(
But don't worry k?
Even my blog is dead but it wont become as dead as this one, and urm this one. XD XD

Kuching in 1 more week.


  1. you should add me to your dead blog list too lol i seldom go on blogspot now but wtf i just did!

  2. jo- lol u're not in the dead blog list la.
    they Never go on blogspot..haha..not seldom..=_=