Saturday, October 3, 2009

These days....

Last night,
fook ming : Eh your blog dead liau ho.
me: yours more dead la. =D
fook ming: ......

ahhhh since i'm back to Kuching i didnt even view my blog =p
No time arh =_=
In Kuching everyday out till late late then reached home straight sleep

I did quite alot of outing during my hols in Kuching.

1.Damai Trip.
Gosh the trip was AWESOME. Had a great time indeed. ^___^

2. Went back to our ex-secondary school lorh.. =) meet mdm. Chiang ^_^
This where we usually gather during recess time right...aww miss those days =(

3. Meet my old friends. =)
Yii Ching and Martin ^_^
Since when arh we didnt gather like this liau =p hope Rayen and Alan were with us..haih.

4. Meet old schoolmates. =D

Bong Bong. =D

5. Cinema Cinema Cinema. Went to MBO for a couple of times. =)

6. Realized that Rayner Wee loves Hello Kitty. XD

7. Bowling. =)

Hey jo, the one who score 91 points in the fifth round is Princer Phang. =p

Me: Hey ray throw the ball harder. Harder.
Ray: No problem.
Me,dex,huan,perry: HAHAHAHAHAH

8.My nephew,Diben and my youngest cousin,Enen becomes more talkative..haha..

Diben: Eh Uncle lai drink with me k? =D I'll drink first. muahaaha
Me: O.O wao..

Me: ^____^
Enen: *walk away
Me: =________________=
Guess she dono me lerh.haih...

9. K-time XD
Grab from her(tracy) facebook. ^_^

10. eat eat eat

Damai ppls. =DD

Swin ppls. ^_^

And etc.etc. lorh....lazy to mention all =__=
So there it...
I'm back to KL. @_@
Cheers for me lol.

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