Monday, November 16, 2009

Kuching Time ^_^

Went back to Kuching lfor about 4 days.
Spend most of my time with my family. =)
Since my last semester holidays i spent too much time hanging out with my friends.=p haha....
So yea..went to help out abit at my dad's new shop..^_^ Open at Hui Sing there...just next to the Pos-Laju there nia. =)

Sit there nia lorh, as a cashier.
Quite interesting actually...haha...can see pretty girls peoples walk in and out =p

Then on Saturday went to Igloo with Doris,Fook Ming,Chin Chin,and Andy Law lorh..^_^
Love the Tauke there because he chia us 30+ bowls. XD thankyouuuu =D
*support Igloo!! XD

Chiong arh XD

Go Cheng Cheng =DD

After the 30+ bowls marathon then we thank the tauke lorh...^_^

Tauke: Ehhhhhh actually got 90 bowls one =D
We : My god XD

but then 30 bowls we already reach our limit"
If 90 bowls the next day you will see the 5 of us in the hospital..XD hahaha



  1. wa uncle phnag has a new shop le a?wahaha tell me where... i go visit....ahhahaha at hui sing ma?

  2. hahaha yea....hehe =p
    nerhh beside the post office nia ^_^

  3. eeee eeeee eeeeeeeeee why so good one????

  4. haha...maybe the tauke knows that i'm back so he plan to chia me ^__^ awwww =p