Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Jonathan and Ming Huan came last week. =))
For about 2-3 days.
Went for arcades,roller-coaster rides, and so on..^_^

Ming Huan in action..XD

Seriously we really underestimated this ride =__=
The ride looks prefectly normal and we thought that it is not that extreme.

Dex: Eh we go the one which is not that extreme la. nerhhh that one..*pointing at the ride.
Jo&Huan&me: Kla kla.

And the engine start...
MY GOD. The ride is like spinning spinning and spinning like there's no tomorrow left to spin omg...@__@

During the ride i sat beside Dex.

Dex: I cannot lerhhh..I wan vomit...
Me: (Thinking) WTF what if he vomit during the ride where else i'm right beside him omg. =S

Lucky he didnt...haha...but after the ride he almost peng la..XD

Jo after the DNA Mixture lol.haha..


The during the night we played with the cam. =D

I love this one the most..


8 more weeks to Kch..=)
Cheers ^^

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