Sunday, December 20, 2009

Time Flies.

Oh....time really flies...10 more days+ to year 2010..
Looking forward to it because school reopens on the 3rd of Jan. =p oh no cousin XD *HIGH 5 =P

Went to KLCC with sista Pauline on Saturday. =p
Nice outing ^_^
She took photos with her camera and since i didnt took any so yea, i've got no photos to upload T_T

Oh there's an incident that I wish to share.
Most of the KLCC's toilet were full (I dono why =_= )

except for this one.

This toilet is located on the second floor i think..
All the toilet entrance are free at KLCC except for this one. The so called "high class toilet" cost RM2. RM2 not RM0.20 wtf. @___@
So while waiting Pauline to come out from that toilet i witnessed a really $#%#%$ Daddy.

Here' the conversation between the daddy, his kids, and the PT(penjaga toilet).

Daddy: Pergilah kat sana tandas. ( Go, there's the toilet)

PT: Tunggu! Kat sini pergi tandas perlu 2 ringgit.Kalau tak nak tandas di lain floor free punya. (Wait! Going into the toilet needs 2 bucks per-person...if you don't feeling like paying,other floor de toilet is free of charge)

Kids: *Looking at their dad.

Daddy: Jom pergi ke tandas lain. (lets go to the other toilets)

Kids: Kan tandas lain sudahh banyak orangg~ (But the other toilets are very packed)

Daddy: Tak apa tak apa jom la. (Nvm lets go lets go)

Kids: Tak boleh tahann dahh~~~*almost lying on the ground wtf (cant stand already,dad~)

Daddy: rm2 mahal la!!!!! Pergi kalau tidak siap kamu!!!!(2 bucks is expensive! Go now if not u're a dead fish!!!!!) *pull his kids.

Kids: *Crying

I saw his pocket. Packs of Cigarettes.

Hey you fucking old piece of shit ass or whatever you are.
Your kids' told you that they cant even stand already and need to go to the toilet. The other toilets which are free of charge are full...You've got 3 kids and 6 bucks wont kill you right fuckface? A pack of cigarettes could cost you more than 6 bucks already. Thats bullshit. Cigarettes is more important than you kids huh? Screwed you BBQ you arhh whatever. =@

lol after running through Bernadine's post about a 68 years old granny
These days some adults a trash. Or even worst.