Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Alohaha. =D
oh Its been quite a while since I last update my blog. ><

I'm done with my exams. Damn sheats.

Urgh either way, Jo is coming to KL again yay yay.

28th till 2nd of February.

yea so me and him and Dexter are going back to Kuching together on the 2nd.
awesome. ^_^

Yesterday was kinda tired.Because

I just finished with my exams. Tired sheat. T_T
Dexter just got back from Genting. Tired fun. .I.
Jo just got down from the plane. Tired sitting. =/

Since we're all tired die so went to Feeling cafe to have our dinner only lo.

Have some pool.

Me. 2 wins 2 loses.

Dex. 3loses 1 win.

Jo. 3 wins 1 lose.



Then went back to our condominium, sleep.
Kuching in 4 more days.

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