Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy CNY. =)

Ahhhh my blog is so dead after I'm back to Kuching. =p
I didnt even logged in my favorite Facebook game,Cafe World. =((
And I wana blog about my holidays in Kuchingg but I'm lazy haahahahahaha =D

Oh well tomoro's the first day of Chinese New Year. =)
I'll be with my family members during the first 2 days.
On the third day and the fourth day I'll be with my friends. ^__^
yay its been a long time since I meet up with my ex-classmates. =D *looking forward. ^_^

CNY 2007,

CNY 2008,

CNY 2009,

What would it be for the year 2010? =DDDDDDDDD

oh btw, Ma hereby wish you Happy Chinese New Year ppls. =D

hahahahahaha XD