Wednesday, March 17, 2010

3rd Sem

Oh hey. =)
Its been a month since I came back to KL.
Life's not so bad till now. =D

My third sem is like kinda relaxing.
7 days a week.3 days school,4 days of hols. Indeed awesome T__T

Oh since there are lots of free time for me to kill in this semester,
So mostly I spend my time together with my guitar. =))

Oh these are the books. =)

There are 5 levels in total.
And I'm currently in level 3,Advance. =)
I still managed to mastered level 1 to 2.
But level 3 seems like kinda urm,quite challenging a little bit. =/

Even Dexter Ma the guy who's in Advance level now also plan to give up liau ><"

Nola i'm just joking =p
He's not givin up..yet..XD
Keep on practicing lo..=)))
kla till then. ^_^