Saturday, March 6, 2010

Balik to normal.

oh heyy i'm back.
These days the blogspot macam ada many problem...><" Saya tidak dapat post anything on it =/ Dan ada many lagi sepertii blaaa blaaa blaaaa
Okla after i come back to KL for my Semester 3, I'm kinda lazy to update lo. =p

Oh this semester I'm free like sheat.
Classes conduct on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday only. I'm so free. =))
Oh not as free as the swins olang..Growing mushroom lo horh? XD haha..

Oh my last holidays in Kuching was awesome. =)))
These were some of the photos =)

Perry's 19th birthday =D

He is. =)

He's not. XD

The big guy named Rayner prefer kek cool face but then we want him to

Chin chin 'made' him smiled. XP

And i love this photo too. =))

They're not smiling k. They're laughing..muahahaah =D

Jo's open house. =)

Damai 'bo-jio' trip.

The day before the trip.
While I'm havin dinner with Andrew C, Xen, Dexter, and Chin Chin.

Me: Eh tomoro got any plans?
Chin: Damai? =D
Andrew: On arh on arh. *shouting =D
Dex: On arh. (I didnt expect him to say 'on' you know..=/ Since he's well-known as a lazybum. =p)
Xen: On lo. =))

Then the following day....


Oh well its not that we dont wana jio ppls. This trip really suddenly urm 'pop out' de..haha...
A message from the 5 of us.


K tyme. =)

And ofcourse. Chinese New Year. =))

Cousins. =D

This is not my cousin..=p

Some hangout of course.

From Jane's fb. =)

And so on....hahax...kinda lazy upload already..=p
Looking forward to my next hols around April =D
ta. ^^

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