Saturday, March 27, 2010

Everything goes. =_=

Heyyy. =D
Earth Hour is today ppls. =)
8.30pm till 9.30pm pleasee turn off all your electricity k..=))

Oh I watched Daybreakers with my cousin just now..

I always wanted to watch this movie since last year...after Jayne show me the trailer..=p
The movie rocks. I'll give it 8 out of 10.

Oh I plan to go back to Kuching on 31th of March. =D
Means that I'll be going back to Kuching next Wednesday =DDDDD
But sometimes sheat happens.
My plan is ruined.
It crash with my guitar test. =___="

Me: Hey Edwin Lao shi ( my guitar sensei) what if I didnt sit for the test? Can i push my guitar test to the other day?
Sensei: Cant la... Its already been scheduled.
Me: Owh...what if i miss it?
Sensei: Next Semester repeat again lorh..=p
Me: oOo (okey i didnt show this XD)

So I'll be back around 20th sth lo..=(
Fuck T_T %$%#%#%#$%%$

Oh to my bestcousin Caroline Then =p
Sorry ya I'm not going back too soon..hahax..

I'll teach you how to grab the pool stick ohh i mean pool cue..pool bad.XD hahahahahahahaha after i got backk okeyyy =DDD

Till then..buh bya ^^