Saturday, February 28, 2009

19 days.

19 more days, i will go for national service.
after that....i will leave the camp on 13th May(i called the operator and that guy says 13th May)....Leave early....sounds 0key =D
means that i go for national service for about 50+days plus...sounds great LOL..

Aunt: You have made a wise decision my dear.
Me : Yea Aunt...shave 2 times better than 3...i totally agree...
Aunt: =)

15th May go to KL....18th my College life start. and my shopping-till-dust life begin too wtf =D
Means....19 days in Kuching...19 days only =( I'm gonna leave.
Dont Feel like leaving of course...
I will probably miss my kch friends =(
Not that i WILL miss my friends. T.T

karen,jiashiu,rayner and etc etc etc...

I felt like typing my friends' name now lol.

U'll probably asked me...why there's no Dexter Ma...
Well he's going with me to KL so NAHHH....=P
Plus Andrew Chai is already there so no andrew chai as =D

19 days
eh. =(

(maybe this post contain alots of grammar mistake..i just click 'publish' after i've done typing LOL) didntrunthroughitforthesecondtimeafterihavedonetypinglol.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I go for NS..for 'charity'

Charity huh?
Sounds pity but thats the only way i could comfort myself T.T
This particular event was organized in conjunction of Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society fund raising programme.
There were FEMALEs who shaved their hair too...I SALUTE YOU

Calvin Chen also shaved his hair after he went for his military service.

i'm a fan of him =D =D

and Kangta too =D
he go for his military service too. baldness... =(

They go,I go. scare what wtf =)

Friday, February 20, 2009



experiencing SHEATMYX

I repeat,

Downloading a 5.6MB file also needa wait for 30minutes.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Delay Or No Delay.

anda telah dipilih untuk menyertai plkn(ns).

I am going for ns second batch.'Bermula' around March and 'Tamat' around June wtf.
My college career lolx start on 18th May.
should I delay it?
should I go for it?

My dad asked me to delay it but then after 2 and a half years later(after i tiok diploma), before i take my degree...I wajib to go for it too :(
Father arh u don't expect me to go overseas BOTAK huh... T.T mempersiasoikan only wtf..
but then if I go for ns college how lerh woi? :( also mempersiasoikan only double wtf

My dad's sis lol my aunt with me about ns thingy last week,
Aunt: You go for ns now arh...u see arh, your college start on 18th may right....then u go second batch this year...u go for 2 months nia~! then u say u wan go study,then they sure let you go one,so there's it! u're free.
Me :But aunt! I don want go college botak :(
Aunt: U want go uni botak la? trust me, go now. 2 months only. shave hair 2 times only.
Me : 2 times?!
Aunt: better than 3 my dear.
Me : U got the point there... hmmm....
Aunt: =) 3 months hair grow liau dont worry okey.
Me : See first..

Okey fine aunt thanks for your advice then.....Go bald huh? =(
When i told my friends that i got selected for ns,

Vivian Ho

Vivian : Then i see u bald and take pics.hehe i am so nice la. help your photographer.
Me : zzz your head. Say sorry faster. =D
Me :Got hat.
Vivian :
Me : I want to smash my notebook

Jonathan Tan

Jo: botak FTW ! ;p

OUCH. =____________=

Perry Yeo

me : HAHA your head.


So should i go for it this year,or should I delay it....


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Outing aha.

Went outing with Jonathan,Perry,and Ming Huan last night.
(Dexter is 'busy' he didnt went out with us haihhh)
Too tired to blog last night, came back around 12am wtf. So i reserved this post for today lolx.

Our driver lol Jonathan T
skillful driver i should say, why?

Driving while looking at the camera(i mean phone's camera)..P.R.O

We went for pool.
Jo vs mh.

The guy behind there was amazed by jo's skill.

Ming Huan- easily defeated. :P

Jo: easyyyy~

Then we went for bowling.
My turn.
I managed to hit the last bowling pin :D

But, i didn't won the game W.T.F sibeh 'not tulan' =_=
Jo's the winner. I 'siasoily' lose last night.
But nvm larh,*cough i defeated him in 4 bowling matches straight last time :D*proudnesss (okey u're offended liau i know :D)

After that, we went for a drink at The Scoop.

On the way,camwhoring.

Didnt turn off the flash. my face turned out to be damn white wtf.

Upon reaching,
I ordered my drink.
While waiting for them,

I... :D

Jo:Order your drink liau?
Me: Yea..hey, lai(come) we take pic. =D
Jo: =D

Perry and me.



Our shoes wtf. =)

We went home after that...
oh, on our way back, i managed to....

HAHA perry the vain :D :D

lol-Laugh out loud wtf.

So there's it. wenthomesleeping lolx.
This may be the last outing with Jo this year..He's going back to NZ soon. =(
and therefore I wish u luck in your uni life.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Ouch... sometimes i'm just too naive.
I did something which is not even worth of doing it..

Okey whatever i'm awake now.

Thank you for telling me how cruel this world may look like.

thank you and FUCK YOU.
I repeat

Phew i'm okey now. totally fine wtf. i went to a food court with some of my long-time-no-see friends.
and when i plan to take my got 1 random guy came up and asked me.

Random guy : urmm, ni shi Dexter Ma marh? (urmm, u're Dexter Ma?)
Me : Wo pu shi, tuo pu chi. (I'm not..sorry)
Random guy's friend :Tha bu shi la~ Haiyo ni bla bla bla (He's not la,haiya you bla bla bla)
Random guy :ohh tui pu chi (Ohh i'm sorry)
Me : *smiled =)


I look like Dexter Ma huh???

Oh i remember during my form 3 period..our class teacher(Puan Cheesom) said..

Puan Cheesom : Kang zhan(looking at dexter), kamu bla bla bla bla (i forgot what she said wtf)
Dexter : *eyes big big (0.0) saya bukan laaa....saya dexter, dia kang zhan.
Puan Cheesom : Oh ya ka? Muka sama saja..rambut pun sama style. allah..*smiled
Me : =______________________________________=""
Dexter : =______________________________________=""

And not only them, my mum said,

Mum : Eh boy(referring to me)...
Me : Yes?
Mum : U and that that Dexter looks almost the same horh..
Me : isit?
Mum: It is.
Me : =____="""

And dexter told me that his mum said he look like me wtf.

I really looks like Dexter Ma huh?
haiya i dont mind that we almost share the same appearance la...
He's also one handsome ppl barh *cough *cough *cough..

KEK COOL PRO =D =D *Cough....

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dota huh?

11.00pm sth..

dex : haiya, i wan2 go home liau..i want to dota la.
me : eh,dex. later wait me k?
dex : ok, call perry later.
boon: =__= dota again! what is so good about dota?

What is so good about dota huh?

most of my friends are addicted to Dota.
example 1
Mr.Perry Yeo

Me :Eh, what do you plan to do tonight?
Him : Dota la.
Me : =___= Fine.

Example 2
Mr.Dexter Ma

In the evening.
Dex : I dont want D0ta liau..always lose one. I go for maple story better.
Me : Lol..noob marh. :D

During the night time...i still saw h
im playing Dota at GG-Client. =__= wtf

Example 3

Mr. Yeo Ming Huan (He looks damn proud :D)

Me: Eh come.join my game, we dota.
Him : Can't la..i very tired..just came back from work.
Me: Ok nvm then.
Him: kla 1 match k?
Me: =_____________= ok.

Last example..
This guy can be counted as the best dotaer among my friends..lolx..
He is

Mr. Jimmy Wong...a.k.a King Jim (Waaaaa got Wanted Frame gok^^)lol..

Why Dota?

Many selection of heroes?

Cant be lerh...Pokemon also many pokemons barh..=__=

Pawn Peoples?
No lerh..sometimes u also tiok pawn =__=
especially pawned by this hero...

Pudge...Hook You(without noticing)>>Fire(hp decrease dramatically>>Slow You(cant run T.T)>>and u died.

My bro :SIEN LAAA!!!!!#^$%%^*(&(*&(*%^^&!!!!


I am not one of the dota freaks :D..That's why I'm so noob when Dotaing :( :(

Who cares :D


Wednesday, February 11, 2009


hello. =)
pheww...create a blog = lots of work =(
but thanks to Angeline i managed to create one ^^.. "Thank youuuuu" =D
hmmm....i create da blog after da CNY celebration because i don't felt like uploading too muchi CNY photos here =p
but i'll upload 1 or 2 la...lolx wtf...

okey here's 1 (with my friends =D)

here's the second one (with my cousins...gathering at one of my cousin's with the name YikChern house ^^)

The third one...( WITH MY HAIR MESS UP!! wtf)

btw, happy CHAP GOH MEI :D (even its over like urmm few days ago liau lolx..=__=)