Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The marians

I spend my time with The Marians today.
Last day marh...haha...before i go for national service lols.
Xin yi, Iveline, and 'kek pro kia' Vivian Ho...haha. she is not pro at all in reality lols.=D

Driver Dexter Ma.

He is blessed with talented driving skills. =__=
if you know what i mean..haha..

Went to The spring limteh and bought a hat...i mean a or hat la same one as long as can cover my LONG hair when i reach national service wtf. =D

She is Iveline...=__= she's so shy when take pics.
Maybe she keke one XD haha..

The one who wear specs one is Xin Yi who's also very scare of taking pictures..=__= but she's one of the kindest St. mary ppl that i know...urm...the kindest is Shelby Su =D haha... XD

Vivian Ho no need asked one. Sure say 'no' and cover her face and laugh alone...=______________________=...

Then we went to BDC for bowling.
Xinyi and Vivian dont wanna join.

Me : Eh, why u don't join us bowl?
Vivian : Don't want la i too pro lorh.
Me: =__="

pro your head la. =D

This is Perry Yeo showing his skills..=p

WE played 2 matches i won 2 matches lols..
Didnt scored well during bowl coz i'm pressured even i still look like nth one lol. =(
but still won. why?
Coz Dexter's pressured more than me...haih...haha...bopien la XD XD

After bowl we drop off xinyi and vivian somewhere lols XD

then we go eat pizza hut then sing,dex,iveline,perry,and fook ming =D


flash off.
Too dark. =__=""

Flash on..
Too bright =________________="""

and thanks to the ppls who wish me good luck or what =) thankyou.
I love you peoples.

Time flies


Now's March....lols...Tomoro is the day i go national service. =(
Went to eho de house last night..BBQ =D

My mom tapao kolo mee for breakfast today......since national service no kolo mee to tapao or eat wtf..=__=

mom : Here's your breakfast.
me : thankyou.

10 minutes later...

me : ma, i full liau..cant eat lerh...
mom : walao a pack of kolo mee nia eh..Last time u ate 2 pack still can eat again...first time ma see you cant finish eating something...
me : =____=

She say till like as if i'm a pig or what XD haha...

Today eh....start packing tonight.
Today gonna spent my time with..The Marians.


Wake me up when September ends woi.


Because my hair will 'fully' grow on October.
ok lame...haha.. =p

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I love Kuching lols =)

LoL so lazy to blog these days.
Few days left before i leave kch.
Spend my time with friends and family gua.
I'm 'guai' where else Grace Lee said i'm not. Haih..=( haha...

There days huh..Went DOTA with friends......,
sing K with SINGING KING Andrew Chai and his Pei Siau. =D

Andrew: Thank youu thankyouuu =D


Went to The Scoop with

Caroline =)

She drive me there lols

and her driving skill's too GOOOOOD and SAFEEEE liauuu till i yawn and yawn and yawn in her car lols...

At The Scoop we 'chang sia' about 'things' lol..

Eh Marians de ppl also very kind okey XD
I know u disagree with me coz u're in st.3 =p

After that we went to Sri Sarjana Tuition Centre lols. =p
Saw Mr.Lee there XD

Caroline : Hi Mr.lee =D
Mr. Lee : Hi, who are you? o.O
Caroline & me : =_______=
Caroline : Last time tuition here one arhh..
Mr. Lee :
Caroline : Caroline Then.
Mr. Lee : Ohh...urmm....from St.3 huh?
Caroline : Ya ya =D u still remember him? *pointing at me
Mr. Lee : Ohhh yea i saw him before.
Me : XD

He's still very funny larhhh. hahaha XD

Then around 10pm like that and we dont feel like going home sleeping lol
So she invited one of her ally, James Lee, from XD go limtehh....=)
She limteh lim twice lols =p =p

URHHHH i haven prepared to take pics laaaa =( =(

Take James home and take me home and herself went home around 11pm sth XD

2 days left....I love Kuching =)

Friday, March 13, 2009

SPM result day lols

This week...pheww..

done =)

My result for me is okeyyy, since i didnt aim SOHAI results, i mean SO HIGH results..haha..not sohai lols =__=

Congrats to Mr.perry Yeo...straight As..he really really really work sooo the hard, seriously, for SPM.....SALUTE YOU lols.....hard work paid off eh finally XD

We went to the cinema in the afternoon after we took our results. urmm....Me,Perry,Andrew,FookMing,MingLeung,Bernadine,SukYing,Alvin,ChengYang and Doris.

random shots

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yesterday,Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday i meet some super duper damn desperate+lame peopless, desperadoesss shows their desperate-nessss wtfISH. what's the point eh? o.O

Today the NS dudes are back...
Hello Fook Ming, Alvin Chin,Doris Yii,Ming How,Ming Leung =D =D

the SPM result's gonna out..
No comment about this lols seriously =(

i love this

Singalongsong by Kahlil Fong.


I wrote this song its not too long
cos Ive been thinking bout you
I wrote this song maybe I'm wrong
To be caught up about you

Well I don't know what you think bout me
Maybe you think nothing at all
But maybe you could just lie to me
And we could be in love you see

Oh its a singalong song that's not too long
Its when I think about you that I hear songs
And you can singalong maybe if you want to
Cos baby I wrote this I wrote this for you

I wrote this song its not too long
Cos I'm the one who loves you
I wrote this song this cant be wrong
I don't wanna smile without you

Well I just want to make you happy
but maybe you want nothing at all
and how I wish that you're meant to be
forever and a day with me

Oh its a singalong song that's not too long
Its when I think about you that I hear songs
And you can singalong maybe if you want to
Cos baby I wrote this I wrote this for you

In everyway you mean more to me
than you'll ever know
girl I'll do my best to show these words are true
and if you'd like to make a song and be a perfect harmony with me
Id find the greatest words sing
so we could write our own romance

Oh its a singalong song that's not too long
Its when I think about you that I hear songs
And you can singalong maybe if you want to
Cos baby I wrote this I wrote this for you

*the red colour part...urhhh 'kan tung' la..... T.T
ilovethissongg =D
=D =D

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Saya pass =D

I pass my driving test. =D LULUS. kenny and bao zhi and ern ping today =)
They're all sitting for their driving test today too.

Arrived at the damn drivingtestplace lols, around 7am wtf =__= damn early and my test 'bermula' around 11.30pm sth.

I tiok sesi 4....aha...going up the hill>>>parking>>>on the road.

we took this pic while waiting out turn. =)
ern ping the photographer lols. =)

ernping : u ppl still have the mood to take pics huh?

=D =D

OF course la lol XD

spm result's gonna be out on this thursday..
hoping for the best of course.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Next week.

Next week is going to be a very busy week for me.

1. I'm going to sit for the driving test..Its sap sap sui(easy)...claimed by andrew K.

2. SPM result's gonna come out on 12th March. I'm very jinjang(anxious) till bo sim ( no mood) play games.

3.Complete college's registration/application whatever la,in 10 days after the SPM result came out.

Hoping for the best.Sincerely. =)

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Ahaa....i'm amazed by this guy, named Criss Angel.

Words can't described how he did it. I was like 'huh' + 'o.O' when i watched his urm...vids. I mean,
For example,
He walks on the surface of the water.
How the hell did he do that. o.O
And he levitates From a building to another building.


illusions eh...o.O

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

17 days left.

Yesterday=sleep around 11pm ( usually after the SPM exam i wenttobed around 3-4am aha, gaming and chatting with the sleep-late-late peoples such as Daphne,Dexter,Jonathan,or even Shelby sometimes lol)

Today=wake up around 5am,i repeat its 5am lol ( usually after SPM exam i getupfrombed around 1-2pm ahaha wtf )

why 5am?
because NS trainees wake up at 5am.
I'm training myself now lolx...if cant wake up at there nia mempersiasoikan only =( hehehe....
HAHA. not funny =__=

wake up at 5am,bath.Brush my teeth.Online.and run through my msn chat log..from 2008-2009. since i'm bored and the breakfast haven prepared by my mom loll.

Things that i learned after run through the chat logs.
1.Stop being too desperate on something. No comment about this.

2.Control my temper. I mean like if i behsong someone i really can type till you cry lol T.T sorry.

3.Run through the words again before click 'send'. to prevent spelling mistakes of course lol.

4.Appear offline more often to prevent ppl such as Caroline T to spam nudge on me haha =D jk la

5.etc etc lols.

okla i stop here lolx..going for breakfast so buhbye.


Monday, March 2, 2009

17.5 days left aha =(

I found this info at wikipedia about NS.

As of June 2008, there have been 16 deaths since the programme started in 2004, with 12 trainees dying in the camps and five more during breaks or within days of completing the program.

aha........16 deaths huh... =S

Luckily we haven heard of any death incident at Kem Putra Sentosa,Sematan. (I'm going there lol)

Kem Putra Sentosa huh?

During my conversation with my sis;

Me: I kena Sematan camp sis. =(

Sis: OMGGG that is my camp omggg congratz..!

Me: Congratz apa omggg =__=

Sis: ITS ONE OF THE BEST CAMP IN MALAYSIA, u heard it one of the best. Especially Cikgu Tsong,he looks like *****, and hope u kena alpha lo bro and beware of cikgu shafie, he is very siong don mess with him but actually he's very nice and got 1 girl from Bau and BLAAAAA BLAAA BLAAAAA

She told me about the camp non-stop =____=

okey since u say till the camp so nice then i believe you lorh =(

And before she off she told me this;

Sis: oh and 1 more thing bro. don always swear on your blog. It actually looks stupid honestly.

Me: Swear?

Sis: Dont use the fuck fuck and all that. It really looks stupid on you..u know that.

Me: okey.....

OKEYYY =___=

Maybe i should quit using the word 'wtf' or 'fuck'.

I mean I wont use the F word unless i felt like using it..haha....

OH btw i cut my hair =D

After coming back from the barber shop.

Dad: I thought you cut your Tou Fak(hair)? o.O

Me : Ha? cut liau lerh.

Dad: Still same lerh.

Me: At least my hair didnt covered up my eyes now okey.

Dad: Hao(okey)...Wo agree...


going to get bald soon wtf..

Sunday, March 1, 2009

18 days left.

I'm counting the days wtf.
I seriously need to purchase a cap or sth to cover up my bald-ness LOL.

=) i appreciated your drawing btw. thank you.

Went for a movie with my ex-classmates(friends lols =p) just now.
Perry,Andrew K,Benardine,Dexter, and Chin-Chin.
Went for the movie,The Punisher 2.
such a brutal movie =___=" O.M.Gad

Blog more's 4.13am...=__=