Monday, June 29, 2009

Welcome =D

Your flight is today right? ^^
Welcome to Kuala Lumpur,Bernadine. =)

Billie Jean.

Holy la this video is amazing omgomgomg...=O

Sunday, June 28, 2009

"If I could travel to the past"

Last Wednesday during my English tutorial, my tutor asked us to write an English essay,
the title of da essay is,

If I Could Travel To The Past, What Would I Do?

I really don't like to write essays related to this kind of question.
Because it could make me think of things that I regret doing it last time. When I wrote about the points that day,I was like "omg sien why I would did such things during the past wtftwtf,if i didnt did that stupid sheat,my life would be nicer compared to now omgomg noo~~~"

I'm not a prefect person.Neither a good one. urh...=_=

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Congrats to Mr.Ditgrex

Well since Form 4, my friends included me myself, played Maple Story.

I reallly loves this online game actually.
Most of the mobs are very urm cute. And we friends could keep in touch among each other in this game. =)

well, its about leveling and changing jobs and making mesos(money) by selling or buying
haha.....We all wished to reach the ultimate job of the game...which is 4th job. Its kinda difficult,need to spend a massive amount of time onto this particular game, which is kinda not worth it...@__@

Include me(alphaprincer),the ppls that i know whom played this game include my bro(lichsan2),Porseidon(Perry),Kazaekage(Dexter),Ditgrex(AndrewChai),Mechamp(Fookming)Kazaekage(Dexter),
Huan91(MingHuan),Antimag01(King Jim),Bib9191(Vivian Ho),and siewping91(siewping).

Well....after yearss had passed..=__=
Most of these maplers were dead..i mean quit...haha...@_@
Left Iveline,Dexter,Valerie, and Siewping
And today...Ditgrex after reached level 120(4th job), he quit too..
And me, After knowing this game is a waste of time lol i decided to quit byebye la maple..
good luck to those who's still playing. ^^ haha...

Friday, June 26, 2009

I need holidays.

nowadays assignements keep on coming coming coming wtfwtfwtf. =(
SOT(School of Technology)..urm...its like Diploma is Buildings, or just like fookming or alvin or minghuan taking foundation is engineering, or me(diploma in quantity surveying) or wendy is interior design one..
memang will become 'SOT' arh...T__T
@___@ assignments just keep on coming, hand in 2 assignments,3 assignments coming up again, finished the 3, come 5 more....memang mau mati lol..haha..i think i say till too kuazhang..=p
LOL jiayou orh..chiong arh...ARR!!!!!!!!!! *sword clashing here and there lol...

okey tomoro is Saturday...urm...tonight i'm going to rest myself...haha...

hmmm...recent news that i've receive lately.
1.Bernadine Jong is coming to KUALA LUMPUR omg x100000 haha...excited si arh..XD so as WeiTern and Suli and Royston =) YESH! ^^ Sukying and bongbong is going to leave Kuching too...going to Perak I think...hehe...eho and minghuan are at there..=) WOI EHO ARH WHEN LIMTEH ORH???? =D hehehe... beloved cousin,yik chern kor is going to Kedah today. to study...hotel management eh..=) good luck woi. except for caroline la,u're always been my best cousin ever =D ..XD hehe

3. Michael Jackson had passed away...=( sien i'm waiting for his upcoming concert one omgla woi. =( lol btw,may you rest in peace.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Important Days

20th of June, was Mr.Ho Fook Ming's birthday^^
omgomgmog sorry for putting up this post abit late =p hehe^^
18 years old liau orh...=) i'm still 17 lols =p *younggg-ness =D =D
Lol u're still wearing the so called 'tsunade's necklace' huh? =p hehe..^^


I'm not in Kuching so can't give a present to my dad just like i gave a present to my mom during mother's day...T____T
luckily my bro bought him a present, haha....great to have 2 sons horh...1 go liau still got 1 left =p hehehe^^

School starts tomorrow.
I'm so 'happy' =).

Friday, June 19, 2009

Sheat connection

Today my p1-w1max connection is very very 'good'.
keep on disconnecting. @_____@

Sorry to those whom i can't reply your message in msn, especially to Phang Xin Yi =(
Woi forgive me k? =(

Tomorrow is Saturday....*YESH~ ^^

Hi ppls.

2 down 3 to go, XD

and 2 new assignments given today..><>

Now's 12.30am.
Still at Cyber cafe wtfat.
With Andrew Chai and Dexter Ma. @___@
Chionging Left For Dead...haha..XD
KL life so 'song' horh fook ming =p hehehe^^

Today is Friday(pass 12am lerh), class at 8am later,
gonna get outa from cyber now,
if not tomoro can't wake up..=p

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


5 assignments came in a row. ^^....owh wrong emotion...>< ...haha..*no mood smile already.

This Onion pic suits me alot lol...haha...=_________________________="

No choice la,CHIONG ARH.

Friday, June 12, 2009

My stock has arrived. =D

Hell yea, the black hofma guitar that i ordered last week has finally arrived. =)

Since i'm so UNLUCKY because i'm selected for NS and spent 50 days inside the camp. 50days wasted wtf.
i plan to learn this thingy after SPM but nah...after i heard i tio NS straight no mood learn la..@_@
But now's the chance. =) muahaha. =D =D lol...
Last time the former king,Wong Lee Jim, 'lend' me some of his guitaring skills, but nah..forgot all di. XD
Today's my first guitar class,
My fingers' hurt T__T
but will jiayou de =D muahaha~

no lectures nor classes tomoro so YEA~!. XD

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Today was pure hell.
8am till 7pm,non-stop. =___=
But yea, i survived again. *proud lol..

but I'm
Excited for tomorrow. =D

Monday, June 8, 2009

Uncle is me. =)

Went to Jusco with dex today to buy some stuffs.
And ate McD too. =)

Saw some posters with baby pics on it.
Makes me recall something. nephews. =)

Yes. This is one of my cousin's oldest son. Named Dibben Liew Jie Feng.
Lol i wonder why my cousin didnt named him Liew Chuen Feng(Rokawa Kaede,in the anime, Slam Dunk) =p
A naughty kid. Run here and run there..haha..As shown in da he's running while I took his pic..XD

He got a little bro. I mean a younger brother...haha..XD

The little kid that the woman with the orange shirt(my mom) XD is 'holding' de is his younger bro.

OH.....1 thing that i like about his younger bro is his face..his cheek.^^

From this,

To this.

That's my hand on his cheek btw XD XD
hahaha when u squeezed it omgla XD XD let me feel it again please when i go back to Kch again^^ hehehe...=p

Saturday, June 6, 2009

I love Saturday =D's Sat.^^ no lectures nor tutorials =D. muahahaha
As usual, when i awake,100%ly i will saw something like this.

SLEEPING KING DEXTER MA. =_____________="" he really can sleep i tell you..haih...till late for his lecture gok...haih...kolian him...haha..

Then I went to Time Square with him and my cousin, Nicole.
Waiting for the monorail. =( ihatewaitinglol....=_= bopien la here's KL..haih..

Upon reaching and I suddenly think of Jolin Tsai is coming to Time Square...

And ohh how lucky.
She's here today. =D =D


I'm not a fan of hers. but dexter is. haha..
So after we took our dinner at Time Square we went for Jolin =_= accompany Dexter. Since he's so desperate..haha..

Dex: Fook Ming is going to be jealoussssss because he's not here...muahaha.
Me : Hmmmmm...i bet he will XD XD hehehe..

And as usual when the pop-queen is on the stage gretting the ppls,
this is how the situation looks like...=__= The fans were pushing among each other and their eyes are staring at Jolin, while shouting "JOLINNNNN WO AI NI" like there's no tomoro to shout WTF @__@ comm'on la ppls she's just a normal female. =__=
No a God okey.....but Jay Chou is XD

The guy holding the phone is Dexter, lol....taking pics...=_=
Around 8pm, "Ta jia haoooo~~~" said Jolin.
And we could hardly saw her face....heard her voice nia...haih..
She sang 1 song...then i leave lol...really too crowded liau..cant stand la...=______________=
Dexter Ma stay there still, till the fan sia...=p

Then I went shopping with my cousin lorh...seeking for shirts XD
In the end of the day I bought 3 shirts nia, since its already 9 something and i scare we would miss the LRT...

Arhhh reached home like around 11....
My Saturday ends. =)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Post deleted.

this post is deleted.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I survived today. =D sta staa~~*hero music playing =p =p haha^^

Oh eho is going to Perak. =) shta staa~~~ *hero music de volume adjusted to da max XD
Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS eh...^^
haha...Don't worry eho after you had experienced ns there's nothing to worried liau actually =p
Well, most probably u'll have that 'miss home feelings' T.T during the first week...XD

Me big boy le~ ^^"says eho.

Or maybe you wont..haha..coz me still small...urm....i mean.....young boy =p i will miss home lorh..XD

hehe..To let ya know, Ming Huan is currently studying at Perak too. =D so,yea..

Monday, June 1, 2009

Today's Monday.

Well hell yea, I love Monday =D
Just came back from college, 2 hours of lecture NIA.Its about Computing & Construction.
So 'eng' horh...haha.....^^
But tomoro 9am till 9pm....lecture+class =______________________=""
I'll survive tomorrow.