Monday, August 31, 2009

3 days Kch trip - last day flight to KL is around 5.45pm.
Stay at home lo today..=p
Packing packing packing lol...

I could not went out with all my friends in kch coz i'm only had 3 days in kch nia. =_=
I bet my best cousin's pissed off. XD paisehh ya^^ time then chiong ok? =D 2 more weeks YAAY!~^^

Didnt saw tien tien and chin chin too..=( disappointed....ching and martin also lols >< weitingg and there's too mannyyyy that i didnt have the chance to meet them T_T
Vivian Ho out la.haha. JUSTTT JOKINGGG^^

So yea...i'm now in KL
Take care orh ppls.^^ See ya in just a few more weeks. =D *exxciteed

3 days Kch trip - day 2 2. =)
Wake up in the morning...brush teeth arh eat breakfast arh...kolo mee..T__T finally la..haha..XD
Then around 2pm Perry come fetch me to go for a drink again..
Wendy,Fook Ming,Vin,and Cheng Yang joined in too..^^

Yeappp 175 cafe.. XD
Fish spa...haha..XD

Then we went to Iglool.


Cheng Cheng.

This 2 always took pics one la..haha..for their blog marh XD hehe..

Fook Ming (poser) XD

Vin ( tio stunned =p )

Perry ( The-Can-Eat-One XD )

Then went for bowling...This time Daphne joined us. =)

Then went for dinner at Hijau.

Me: urm...give me 1 three-layer tehsi peng.
Waiter: Ok.
Daphne: same
Vin: same
Fook Ming: same
Wendy: same
Waiter: ok =__=
Me: haha...^^

Then eating + chating + laughing XD

Vin: Later go where arh?
Me: A drink?
Vin: =___= Drink till cannot liau lol..since last night we go for a drink...
Me: haha..XD

Then we went to urm...100 yen shop..where Wendy works last time.

I bought a a pack of yogurt-ingredient..haha..XD
Daphne gaves me this

these are rubbers..its so unique right?^^ thankyouu daphne. =)

Then went to Friendship Park. =)
Sit there talk again lorh..haha..XD

So,there's it..went home sleeping..haha..

3 days Kch trip - day 1

Yeaaaa i'm back for just 3 days.haha...
I didnt told much ppl that i'm back lol
keep a low profile marh AISEH~~~~ =D
nola haha..because i'm just back for 3 days you know lorh =p

The first day i came back is like urm...9am reached kch...then pay a visit to my uncle's house.
Then night time went to The Scoop with Perry,Fook Ming, and Vin. Chat for like for an hour then we changed our destination to lol i dono where la..haha...go for a drink again XD.

Me and Vin. =D

Me and Perry. ^^

Vin,perry,me,and fook ming. =p

 this is the first day. =p

Monday, August 24, 2009


Jerebu in KL were very serious.
From this, well...u still can see the 2 tall buildings

But now,
Its covered. WAW. =D


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My schedule

This week

Tomorrow, hand in all my lab reports. Tomorrow will be my last presentation. Holy YaY. =D

Saturday. Table Tennis competition. keke lose then go back early lols. haha jk la. =p

Next week

Sunday-Friday, prepare myself for my finals. Kai ulti liau. =/

Next Next week

Exam starts. + Daddy's coming ><

Next Next Next week

Balik Hometown.
Kuching here I come. =)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

18th August

18th of August.
My Popo Bernadine's birthday. =D
Reached 18 years old liau eh. haha..=)

Happy Birthday^^

Monday, August 17, 2009

An emo post.


"A great gain worth waiting" said Dexter Ma.

I somehow agree.

I'll wait.
Even it seems the condition is not right.
For now.

Friday, August 14, 2009


This movie's awesome.

I rate it 9.7 out of 10 ohgosh. =D =D

Yesterday night took some pictures of Dexter Ma.
And here's it.

Credits to Mr.Princer Phang. XD

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Great Thursday. @_@

Wake up in the morning around 10am.

Took breakfast while playing Pet Society lol.

Prepare for college.

Went to college by bus.

Arrive at college,

Classes canceled. $#^%&^#%*&^%$

Wnet home by bus,

And here I am.

My Thursday ends. =)


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Swin. Burne.

LOL lol lol...
"I got 1 month hols la, =D" said fm(fook ming) last month.
"wao so good. =( " I said.

1 month later,
"Sien lerh your uni open liau. =D =D" I said
"......" fm said.

Haha 1 month had pass liau woi. time flies lol.
Walao fast qin arh. XD haha..
good luck to all the semester 2 swin's. (Fook Ming, Alvin Chin, Xinyi, Chingy Kuan, Athan Foo,Veronin Fong, Cindy Chen, and etc) =D

and also to Andrew Kuek,Andy Law, and Grace Lee too.^^ wao your longgg longgggg hols has reached to an end. =p Congrats^^ hehe..

Kuching in 5 more weeks omygat. =D x100

Monday, August 10, 2009


Quite busy these days.
Won't be updating my blog so frequently.
Final in 4 more weeks.


Thursday, August 6, 2009


ARRRRR listening to Wilber Pan's song, MVP.
Dexter Ma's is challenging Xen Ho's Rapping style..cari maut nia him =p
Lol...Dexter really no match arh..haha..

Rap King Ho Fook Ming lol.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Life without Andrew Chai Day 1

LOL as you know my ex-roommate andrew chai is moving to hostel liauuu.
Well without you me and dexter really feel weird lorh....
okla i give you examples la. =p

1. After u leave our P1 connection really fast till cannot la..haha..XD
"lagger andrew chai" said dexter ma. XD hahaha

2.Wao we need no to refill the water oftenly.
"Water tanker Andrew Chai" XD said Princer Phang. hahaha

3.No drops of hairsssssssssss..=D
"Hair dropper Andrew Chai" says Us. XD hahaha

Arhhh our room become largerr. nth to say about this..=p hehe..

So the conclusion is that life without andrew chai is great. ^^
hehe don't feel keked orh..=p
Good luck in your hostel life...haha...
YAY! ^^

Monday, August 3, 2009

old pic.

Just run through Dexter Ma's mobile phone just now.
And I found this picture XD.

I laugh soooo hard that time omg i really don't know why I laugh till like that HAHA.
And I nearly cause Perry and Loius to laugh too XD XD XD
Except Dexter Ma la..he didnt laugh =__= kek cool
Arhhh hey guys during CNY 2010 the 4 of us take picture again k? hehe I wont laugh that hard again on that time =p haha...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

1st august.

arhhh yesterday went to pc fair with andrew chai, dexter ma, and ming huan arhhh..
Bought a headphone for myself since I need it lol.

Then after that we went to coffee bean to rest at KLCC. Ming huan didnt joined us, he went elsewhere already..haha..

Cit-chatting about stuffs and laugh..XD

Then suddenly he

haha.. LOL=__=

Then the 3 of us talk a walk for a while,
then chiong sushi king for our dinner.

Then went home today 2nd of august Andrew chai gonna leave us. =(
He's moving to hostel lerh..T_T
My roommate just left dexter ma nia..haih...