Friday, September 18, 2009

My final's ended. =D

Last paper in the morning.
Then went for a movie with Dex.
We went for 'Where Got Ghost'

A Singapore-made movie.

The movie was kinda okey...
comedy+horror lol.
Hate horror movies. =(
But overall the movie was quite nice and interesting. =)
Rate it 3/5.

Then went for supper lo.
Dexter Ma de.

Caught off-guard. =(

then went back home. =p

awww excited for tomorrow. XD

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

16th Sep.

I seriously should get my ass to my study table right now to revised my next coming paper. Last paper. =D *excited.
Going back to Kch...5 more days left...*super excited.
Outing in Kch. *excited till nose bleeding lol so kuazhang =p jk laa haha..^_^

Oh had a lil chat with someone from my school last time. He updated me a little about how things are shaking around my former secondary school these days.

Okey now readers.
From here on 'read it at your own risk'.LOL. Might cause some behsongness among lol who cares. This is just my opinion anyway. SERIOUSLY NO OFFENSE.

Received some urm news that the BOM(Board Of Monitors) had already chosen their new president and the deputy. Yea i'm the former deputy of the board so I'm quite okey with the selected president lorh. =) jyjy

As for the new headboy Mr.Voon =p
Yea I think he's quite qualify for the position lo. Even I hope that Perry would took that post but Mr.Voon is the deputy/'timbalan' of it last year so I think oklo. =) jyjy

And for the newly choosen head girl, the school choose a new student to take the position. Even there's on old Stampian there who's more suitable. She studies in the school since form 1 till now and quite good in her studies and a former prefect too last year.
'Old Stampian' marh, they should know the school's situation much more better than the new ones. Plus I heard the new head girl is not as 'keng' as she is(the old stampian).

"A new student is the new head girl la" A Stampian said.
"=0 =O woa?" I reacted.

Too much 'HLP' to the teachers perhaps. =)
Very shuang isit? =___=

The girl who serve the school for 6 years straight and she received only a little from the school in the end.

SMK Stampin, are you fking

blinded? O.O

Friday, September 11, 2009

Not Dead. =D =D

Heeey kinda lazy too blog these days...=(
plus now is exam time so really quite don't have time lorh. T_T
awww finals was okey...3 down 2 to go. =)

Yesterday was 'Dexter's ahma' de birthday.^^
Iveline Tan.
There she is. The one who's looking at the cake instead of me cutting the cake. @_@

The one who went to the same tuition centre as me.
And also, the one who went to the same National Service camp with me. wao there's 81 camp in total. so Chun horh the same..=__= hehe.
Nevertheless, My few female friends who witnessed me bald. =(
lol whatever la haha happy birthday woi. =D

And today is Irene Ting's birthday too. =)
owh ex-schoolmate. And we went to the same ns camp too. =p

Awww kinda lazy to continue to type. =(
But don't worry k?
Even my blog is dead but it wont become as dead as this one, and urm this one. XD XD

Kuching in 1 more week.

Friday, September 4, 2009

1 down.

So yea...1 down and 4 more papers to go T_T

btw happy birthday to the birthday girl.^^
Jayne Oh. =D

Thanks for cheering me up everytime,and gave me so much of advicess. ^^
Happy 21th birthday orh. =D

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Watched this movie just now with Dexter lol.
He downloaded it.
I rate it 9/10.
So touching. T_T

Today counted as ok la..
Last night we watched movies till 5.30am =_=
night night guys =)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm slow, But ahead of U.

When you're driving,
When you're in a bad mood,
When you saw a sign like this pasted at a car infront of you.


btw credits to chingy^^. hehe....grab from ya fb..=p