Monday, November 23, 2009

Chin Chin =))

She came to KL on the 17th of nov ^___^
Went to sing K lorh...=))))
With Andrew Chai and some of Chin's friends.

As usual the weak singer in the above picture who's grabbing the mic never failed to create laughing scenes. XD

Andrew will never reach her singing level. =p

Great night indeed^__________________________^

Monday, November 16, 2009

Kuching Time ^_^

Went back to Kuching lfor about 4 days.
Spend most of my time with my family. =)
Since my last semester holidays i spent too much time hanging out with my friends.=p haha....
So yea..went to help out abit at my dad's new shop..^_^ Open at Hui Sing there...just next to the Pos-Laju there nia. =)

Sit there nia lorh, as a cashier.
Quite interesting actually...haha...can see pretty girls peoples walk in and out =p

Then on Saturday went to Igloo with Doris,Fook Ming,Chin Chin,and Andy Law lorh..^_^
Love the Tauke there because he chia us 30+ bowls. XD thankyouuuu =D
*support Igloo!! XD

Chiong arh XD

Go Cheng Cheng =DD

After the 30+ bowls marathon then we thank the tauke lorh...^_^

Tauke: Ehhhhhh actually got 90 bowls one =D
We : My god XD

but then 30 bowls we already reach our limit"
If 90 bowls the next day you will see the 5 of us in the hospital..XD hahaha


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Best Chatter In My World since...

2008 =)
Vivian Hohoho Jingle bell Jingle bell jingle all the way


Her MNG shirt stands for Me No Guts. ^___^
Ehh suits lerh woi...hahaha..kla kla got ppl angry liau..=__=

HAPPY 18TH btw.
Will surely send you Enen's stuffs if u asked for it. =D
I'm so good. ^_^

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Awesome 18th ^_^

Omgg i'm 1 year older liau...haha....18th.
I'm officially Legal. ^________________________________________^

Thanks to those who wished me Happy Birthday =D
Omg thankyouuu =)

Celebrating with coursemates...^_^
Ahhhh had a birthday ice-cream instead of a birthday cake =p hehehe...^__^ Quite special i should say...never had 1 before..hahax...^_^
The pics below are abit blur lol.

Then went for pool like for 5 hours straight...=___=

Meanwhile they Chia me an ice-cream again...bopien lorh eat nia..haha..
Thankkkyouuu =D

Ilovetoday. =))

Friday, November 6, 2009


6TH. =D
Happy birthday to Mr. Yeo Ming Huan. ^__^
awwww time flies since Form 1.....
anyway happy 18th. ^__^