Thursday, December 31, 2009

31th December 2009.

Today is the last day of 2009.
Yay. =)
Well I've been through quite alot in this hellacious year.
What I mean is like during the previous years, my life was quite urm simple.
Went to school, come back from school, went outing with friends, gaming, chatting, and etc.
Everything was simple. =) Great times indeed.
But life after form 5 was tough. Well for me la lol.
And being selected for national service was tough too. Well for me also la lol.
And leave Kuching too was quite tough for me as well.

Who would expected that in the year 2009,

  1. I went for National service.
  2. Then straight went to KL for my studies.
  3. I shave my hair wtf.
  4. Wearing a cap for almost 1 whole semester double wtf.
  5. Experiencing whole new environments. National service/Kuala Lumpur.For me it was very,very tough. =(
  6. Meeting new friends. =))
  7. Leaving old friends. =((
  8. Most of my ex-classmates pursue their studies elsewhere, I mean away from Kuching.=( Miss them much too..
  9. I'm 18th. =)
  10. Mastered guitar. yay me..^_^
  11. Going to school by bus. lol not a big deal actually. Get used to it already. =)
  12. Become roommates with Dexter Ma lol. Yea we get along very well. =)
  13. Andrew Chai ditched us and went to hostel wtf. =p hahaha just joking =p
  14. Oh this year is a miracle too. 99% lol of my pimples are gone completely omgbbq. =) maybe I sweat alot this year For example,national service no need say lo, everyday i'm a 'sweater' lol and I walk alot in KL, instead of driving a car just like when I'm in Kch. Therefore, make me sweat ALOT. And oh, i started to use Oxy. These helps. ^_^

14. Lose a bestie. Oh well, *smile. =)
15. Didnt eat kolo mee wtf I miss kolo mee alott T___T
16.And I misssss everyoneee in Kuchingg alottttsss. Hope they're also fine. =)
17. Didnt meet with Wong Lee Jim for a year wtf. Well he's in the same class with me since for 1 till form 5 =(.Everyday meet up with him last time lol. Ming Huan still got come KL find me. Suan liau la you Jim...=@ haha i'm just kidding...=p when i'm back to Kuching next year I bet you're already fly back to New Zealand lerh. =( haihhhh...whatever..haha..XD

And so on lol cant list all out. =X

Been through alot.alott.
I've seen lots of new things, been through lots of new stuffs too.
Thankyou Two Thousand and Nine.


  1. lol... shud introduce "oxy" to tien.
    if nt, next yr i still need to hear she say my pimples this... pimples tat... haha...

  2. irene- hahax...well she'll know when she read this post..=p