Tuesday, December 28, 2010

29th December 2010.

31th December 2009.

How nostalgic.

I didn't even press the 'forward button'.

Today's 29th December 2010.

2011 is coming very soon.

Year 2010 was much more better for me, compared to the hellacious '09.

Oh in the year 2009, I mean 2010,

  1. I'm studying at KL for almost 2 years now. Getting very familiar with KL's lifestyle.
  2. I didn't shave my hair. LOL.
  3. I dyed my hair for the first time ;D
  4. I didn't wear a cap or a hat to college LOL.
  5. I quit gaming.
  6. Realising my studies are getting harder and tougher.
  7. Still I miss high school. ;D
  8. As time passes by I didn't feel homesick anymore.
  9. But I miss Kuching's foods. *drooling
  10. Oh I'm 19. =D getting older lol
  11. .....11th?
Seriously, I'm not really sure what tough stuffs I've been through this year. O.O
Everything seems urm fine lol.
but I'm as well as being more lifeless compared to last year.==

But there are some goals that I would like to achieved by the end of the year 2011 ;D

  1. Hangout more. Prevent being lifeless lol.
  2. Improve my Chinese.
  3. Focus more on my studies.
  4. Going back to the gaming world. And don't get me wrong, X addicted.
  5. oh, and Love her more ;) ♥
So yea. Happy 2011 peoples =)

Monday, December 13, 2010


Eho's blog:

check out mine.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010


They should stop conducting examinations.

Save tree.

Save me.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Time Flies

Its December already.
Wao fast, so fast. I didn't even press the forward button lol.
Just 1 more month remaining. Final.
I start to prepare for it 'earlier' during this semester. I don't wana loafing around anymore. Scare I.

Durin my last semester I seriously underestimate my examination.
The result?


I went for Harry Potter on the other day,
The ending part was urm not so catchy, and there were not much of fighting scenes.
But still, overall it was good. =)
Waiting for Part 2.

And ah.
Since Tuesday is ey public hol, and monday all my lecturers are lazy so they cancel their classes lol and I could skip Friday class too omgbbq =p
I should've book my ticket to Kuching earlier =(
The airtickets now are seriously insane.
Ah I miss Kuching peoples and the foods. =((


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I know right. D=

I know right.
My blog is like on hiatus for months. =/
I'm busy will all those sheat assignments till doesn't have time to breathe okey i'm being kuazhang abit lollbbq

Anyway, hello ppls ;D
I'm back, for now...hahax.

Nothing much to update really.
Oh recently just hang out with Jayne and Zheng Yu aka Fish.

Jayne =D
Its been quite awhile since I last met her. A year perhaps?

Fish. =/
Happy '1 hour anniversary' pal. =p loll so funny you XD

Source of those photos: Facebook. 2010. ♥ Weirdos?. Viewed on 16th November 2010. Available from: herfacebook.com

I didn't plagiarised. Saya ada reference =p Borrow from your facebook anyway.

Oh by BFF is going to his dreamland UK permanently.
He is?
Andrew Chai Min Toh.

We took this photo last year =)

Oh and Jo and Jim is coming back from NZ too. Happy holidays fellas.

Oh and The form6ers are going to war soon. =)) Good luck to everyoneee perry doris caroline zen dan banyak lagi. =DDDD fightinggg~~~ *sword clashing for 1 month lol.

Oh. and Harry Potter my favourite. =p 18th November 2010 rocks. hehe

Oh. Nothing more =p

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Oh yea. I finished my exam =D
Kch here I come =DD

Oh on the other day I skyped with my mom.

Mom: Your hair is long. Cut it before you come back.

Yea I admit my hair's long. =/


So I urm cut it. =)

Daaata. =D

Much more shorter now right I know. =D

Kuching in 2 more days. =)
Happy hols everyone. ;)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Lucifer by SHINee.
Wao this song is so much better compared to Mirotic and Sorry Sorry =p

10 days left.. ;D *counting the days.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

High school sucks no?

I remembered during high school, my classmates and I talk about getting out from there and start Uni life.

" Our addmath homework seems like there's no end to it. Fark the zakum-helmet-teacher" =@

"Damnnnn our Chemistry teacher. Talk crap. Even crap is soo much better than her" =@

"Omgg today's Monday..== Physic lessons..== Hope that fierce pig won't aim me" =S

" damnnn Moral... The correct word is 'saya' and I wrote 'aku' instead the bamboo teacher gave me wrong...10 marks gone like that. Bullshit right?" =@@@

" Damnnn today 'Mr.Sheat You' is gonna conduct 3 periods of English lessons mannn "

" BM novel.....== pillow anyone? =)"

Frankly speaking Uni life is much more tougher that high school. =/
You can leave your homework undone, failed your test, sleep in class and practice I-got-tuition-no-need-scare attitude. Well thats high school.
If u practice this in Uni, You're done for. =))

Anyway I miss you all.

Hope you guys are doing okeyy now =)))

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Been a while.

Aloha peoples =D
Its been a while since I last update my blog.
Due to all those college's stuffs..
Oh well second year already...
the assignments also increase twice as much compared to year 1. =_="
6 more weeks left before my final starts..=/
Looks like I wont be updating my blog durin this 6 weeks again..haha..XD

Btw tomoro's 5th of July.

Finally her class starts tomoro after 3 weeks of holidays.. =p
Good luck dear muaks ^_^
*i hope i was the bear XD

World Cup.
Dexter's Argentina lost like sheat last night =/
Wonder why Messi can't score?

I know it hurts..=/ No wonder larh..

Friday, May 21, 2010

Jay Chou.

His new album- The Era has been released =D
I love all of his songs =D =D
He rocks ^_^

but unfortunately he doesn't rock in everything.
Like urm


He starred in the movie Green Hornet wtf? =O
As a guy called Kato.
He should quit filming and continue to produce more nice music..=___="
Anyway hope his movie is a success lorh...=/
Haihhhh x100

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Roar. =O

Time flies by....
My holidays ended. =_="
Mengapa pass begitu quickly I wonder.. =/

Oh when I'm in Kuching I didnt blog =p
What I did in Kuching during the past few weeks was fun =D
Even though most of my friends still got class. =(

I urm

2nd Bbq =D (The following photos i 'steal' from Wendy Liew's fb)

Hang out.

Caroline =)

Pro bowler Andy =P

New pool star (p.s. - small pool table only) XD

Dan banyak lagi.

Its been a year since my college life starts.
Year 2 starts. =)
I'm a senior. =D
Yay me. ^_^

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Oh yay~ =D

I pass. ^___^

  • Guitar Test

  • College's Examination

  • Kuching. =)

Monday, April 5, 2010


My final will be conducted on 12th of April till 28th of April.

But I only take 2 subjects on this semester.
So yea i thought my papers would be over before 15th or 16th.

So my first paper is on 12th =) yay ^_^

And my last paper is scheduled to be on the

19th =_______________________="
wtf? 1 week gap? =O
I wonder how did they arranged the timetable. =/

my life.
and fuck them more. =p

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Everything goes. =_=

Heyyy. =D
Earth Hour is today ppls. =)
8.30pm till 9.30pm pleasee turn off all your electricity k..=))

Oh I watched Daybreakers with my cousin just now..

I always wanted to watch this movie since last year...after Jayne show me the trailer..=p
The movie rocks. I'll give it 8 out of 10.

Oh I plan to go back to Kuching on 31th of March. =D
Means that I'll be going back to Kuching next Wednesday =DDDDD
But sometimes sheat happens.
My plan is ruined.
It crash with my guitar test. =___="

Me: Hey Edwin Lao shi ( my guitar sensei) what if I didnt sit for the test? Can i push my guitar test to the other day?
Sensei: Cant la... Its already been scheduled.
Me: Owh...what if i miss it?
Sensei: Next Semester repeat again lorh..=p
Me: oOo (okey i didnt show this XD)

So I'll be back around 20th sth lo..=(
Fuck T_T %$%#%#%#$%%$

Oh to my bestcousin Caroline Then =p
Sorry ya I'm not going back too soon..hahax..

I'll teach you how to grab the pool stick ohh i mean pool cue..pool cue...my bad.XD hahahahahahahaha after i got backk okeyyy =DDD

Till then..buh bya ^^

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

3rd Sem

Oh hey. =)
Its been a month since I came back to KL.
Life's not so bad till now. =D

My third sem is like kinda relaxing.
7 days a week.3 days school,4 days of hols. Indeed awesome T__T

Oh since there are lots of free time for me to kill in this semester,
So mostly I spend my time together with my guitar. =))

Oh these are the books. =)

There are 5 levels in total.
And I'm currently in level 3,Advance. =)
I still managed to mastered level 1 to 2.
But level 3 seems like kinda urm,quite challenging a little bit. =/

Even Dexter Ma the guy who's in Advance level now also plan to give up liau ><"

Nola i'm just joking =p
He's not givin up..yet..XD
Keep on practicing lo..=)))
kla till then. ^_^

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Balik to normal.

oh heyy i'm back.
These days the blogspot macam ada many problem...><" Saya tidak dapat post anything on it =/ Dan ada many lagi sepertii blaaa blaaa blaaaa
Okla after i come back to KL for my Semester 3, I'm kinda lazy to update lo. =p

Oh this semester I'm free like sheat.
Classes conduct on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday only. I'm so free. =))
Oh not as free as the swins olang..Growing mushroom lo horh? XD haha..

Oh my last holidays in Kuching was awesome. =)))
These were some of the photos =)

Perry's 19th birthday =D

He is. =)

He's not. XD

The big guy named Rayner prefer kek cool face but then we want him to smile..so

Chin chin 'made' him smiled. XP

And i love this photo too. =))

They're not smiling k. They're laughing..muahahaah =D

Jo's open house. =)

Damai 'bo-jio' trip.

The day before the trip.
While I'm havin dinner with Andrew C, Xen, Dexter, and Chin Chin.

Me: Eh tomoro got any plans?
Chin: Damai? =D
Andrew: On arh on arh. *shouting =D
Dex: On arh. (I didnt expect him to say 'on' you know..=/ Since he's well-known as a lazybum. =p)
Xen: On lo. =))

Then the following day....


Oh well its not that we dont wana jio ppls. This trip really suddenly urm 'pop out' de..haha...
A message from the 5 of us.


K tyme. =)

And ofcourse. Chinese New Year. =))

Cousins. =D

This is not my cousin..=p

Some hangout of course.

From Jane's fb. =)

And so on....hahax...kinda lazy upload already..=p
Looking forward to my next hols around April =D
ta. ^^