Sunday, August 8, 2010

High school sucks no?

I remembered during high school, my classmates and I talk about getting out from there and start Uni life.

" Our addmath homework seems like there's no end to it. Fark the zakum-helmet-teacher" =@

"Damnnnn our Chemistry teacher. Talk crap. Even crap is soo much better than her" =@

"Omgg today's Monday..== Physic lessons..== Hope that fierce pig won't aim me" =S

" damnnn Moral... The correct word is 'saya' and I wrote 'aku' instead the bamboo teacher gave me wrong...10 marks gone like that. Bullshit right?" =@@@

" Damnnn today 'Mr.Sheat You' is gonna conduct 3 periods of English lessons mannn "

" BM novel.....== pillow anyone? =)"

Frankly speaking Uni life is much more tougher that high school. =/
You can leave your homework undone, failed your test, sleep in class and practice I-got-tuition-no-need-scare attitude. Well thats high school.
If u practice this in Uni, You're done for. =))

Anyway I miss you all.

Hope you guys are doing okeyy now =)))