Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I know right. D=

I know right.
My blog is like on hiatus for months. =/
I'm busy will all those sheat assignments till doesn't have time to breathe okey i'm being kuazhang abit lollbbq

Anyway, hello ppls ;D
I'm back, for now...hahax.

Nothing much to update really.
Oh recently just hang out with Jayne and Zheng Yu aka Fish.

Jayne =D
Its been quite awhile since I last met her. A year perhaps?

Fish. =/
Happy '1 hour anniversary' pal. =p loll so funny you XD

Source of those photos: Facebook. 2010. ♥ Weirdos?. Viewed on 16th November 2010. Available from: herfacebook.com

I didn't plagiarised. Saya ada reference =p Borrow from your facebook anyway.

Oh by BFF is going to his dreamland UK permanently.
He is?
Andrew Chai Min Toh.

We took this photo last year =)

Oh and Jo and Jim is coming back from NZ too. Happy holidays fellas.

Oh and The form6ers are going to war soon. =)) Good luck to everyoneee perry doris caroline zen dan banyak lagi. =DDDD fightinggg~~~ *sword clashing for 1 month lol.

Oh. and Harry Potter my favourite. =p 18th November 2010 rocks. hehe

Oh. Nothing more =p