Saturday, December 4, 2010

Time Flies

Its December already.
Wao fast, so fast. I didn't even press the forward button lol.
Just 1 more month remaining. Final.
I start to prepare for it 'earlier' during this semester. I don't wana loafing around anymore. Scare I.

Durin my last semester I seriously underestimate my examination.
The result?


I went for Harry Potter on the other day,
The ending part was urm not so catchy, and there were not much of fighting scenes.
But still, overall it was good. =)
Waiting for Part 2.

And ah.
Since Tuesday is ey public hol, and monday all my lecturers are lazy so they cancel their classes lol and I could skip Friday class too omgbbq =p
I should've book my ticket to Kuching earlier =(
The airtickets now are seriously insane.
Ah I miss Kuching peoples and the foods. =((